Friday, July 13, 2012

The Red Key: Start Close...

And as you start wondering into how to design and structure a daily Creative Practice I thought that this might be a nice reminder to start close in.  What are the things that are easy, that come natural - that you could own and claim as a way that you are already wooing the muse?
Started with a mis-print photo that's been lying on my desk awaiting a purpose... close enough? lol 
It's of the outdoor 'church' at the Sugar Bush at The Olde Log Cabin Sugar Bush around the corner from us. A 'ritualistic' place as the background...
 Printed off the David Whyte Poem that was included with the prompt, inked and added it to the page.
Inked and Stamped a wee red envie for some hidden journaling: A place to keep my Daily Creative Practice notes... a hidden reminder. 
Finished by sewing a length of red Embroidery Thread  'through and around' the key and draped it up the page. The end of the Red Thread can be used to pull the envie open. 

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