Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's On YOUR Workdesk? Wednesday 161

It's time WOYWW over at:

Stamping Ground

Pop on over and see what everyone is up to!

This week let's see...

There's  my Book of Days out and dry from getting primed before bed yesterday. Broked being at 2 AM so 'yesterday' is a debatable term. Today is better by far... the sweet-honeymoon-period of Summer Break was broken yesterday by chaaaaos with da'boyz. It was also the Full Moon so I dump some blame there... lol. 


Today all is calmer so I've had them cleaning up the havoc they created yesterday and I'm sitting back listening to some Cosmic Cowgirl University recorded phone calls. Calming & Centering. Tonight I have a sleep test and though I had 'planned' to catch up on BOD I feel a greater need to clear myself in hopes I *can* fall asleep tonight with total strangers watching me (creepy). 

oooommmm... :O) ok I'm laughing... I'm trying here... Seriously!

Not much else going on, the usual mess of sh-tuff. 

Happy WOYWW!


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