Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tea with the Muse: Daily Spark Days 4 and 5

Day 4:
Ask your Muse if there is something she has been wanting to tell you for a while... 
After meditating on this for a bit...  got a pretty clear image and  knew what she had to say...
STOP hiding your light!
I get embarrassed when people compliment my Art. 
There... said it, it's out.
I have natural talent no one 'taught' me to be creative, my brain is just programmed to 'think outside the box', which can be both a blessing and a curse depending on the circumstances. I was also blessed enough to have a Grandmother who saw this untutored talent and sent me off for 'official' training... though I always felt like I had hand-cuffs on when required to follow the lessons 'just so'. The issue is: I feel I don't own this talent, it owns me... so *I* Don't deserve the compliments. I get embarrassed and do not know what to say when my Art is complimented. I can't stand there and take the compliments face-to-face. I would rather send my Art in or post it then run away... I don't know what to say when I know a simple 'Thank-You' would suffice. 
So many, many times I will 'dumb-down' what I am capable of... especially in circles where there are many people Art-ing and I don't want to *shine* I just want to participate. 
Muse... she don't like that, she wants to kick that bushel over and stomp on it so I can't use it again to cover my light.

Day 5:
Write a note from your Muse to your critic and include the words:
no more
thank you
and love 
The journaling for this one is very private so I slipped it into a wee envelope and then attached it right into my Art Journal. Special Delivery from Muse to Critic!

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