Friday, July 13, 2012

The Red Key: A Symbol Slipped In...

On a quest in dangerous territory your bags come prepacked: 
Red thread of course , Red keys galore... but wait... what's this?  
Your muse has slipped something else in..  
A symbol just for you, sure to unfurl it's meaning.  
What might it be?
For me it's been Dragonflies...
ART-ed them before for Soulistry:
These were some of the meanings for this symbol that *popped* for me:
~Dragonfly is the keeper of dreams, the knower within that sees all of our true potential and ability. 
~Dragonfly also connects us with the power of color and the ability to work with many different colors to achieve anything we want to experience in life.
~People who carry Dragonfly medicine are often quite talented in the use of Color for healing.
~Dragonfly people are also very talented at helping others navigate their own emotional waters.
Page was painted, dragonfly mats laid down, sprayed, stamped, spritzed more... played with lots.
Wings are painted in with Glass Paint. 
Red Thread running through the page is journaled:
Following the Red Thread...
Changes are happening...
flutter... flutter... ZOOM...
Here and there and everywhere..
Dragonflies flitting in and out...

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