Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 163

Creeeeping in slowly...
Slipping into the back row...
*waving shyly* 
Hi... made it, but LATE. *sigh*
Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity and though pictures were taken and drafts set up... posting did not happen. Better late then never! I hope. :O)

Don't forget to go check out the time-lier desk at:
'Today' I was working on a page for The Red Key about daily artist-ic practices. 
This one was about color-meditation: breathing in pure colors, breathing out 'dirty'.
I'll be posting a Blog on it shortly so if you're interested... look UP. 
Had Markers and Pencils out so that ate up most of the desk.

The Other thing I did today was set up a "Tea 'with my Muse' Chest" in preparation for taking the
 1st things 1st... a 'tool chest'.
Found this lovely hand painted box a few years ago at the 2nd hand store; softly lined in Deep Dark Red with a lovely brass latch. It called softly to me... so I brought it home. It's been shuffled here and there... stroked lovingly each time... knew it was for something *special', but for what? Now I know.
It's now my Tea 'with my Muse' Chest.
Just enough room for everything else that gathered itself together too.
~4" X 6" Blank Page Journal: new and waiting...
~Pretty Teacup: My Muse *made* me buy a few weeks ago.
~Wooden Box: (also bought 2nd hand and been sitting empty since) filled with Teas... 
Chocolatey Chai and Whiskey at the moment.
~Silk Stole: Hand dyed and embroidered 100% Indian silk scarf, long enough to wear as a Stole (6' long).
~Scented Candle: Wedding Gift. A rich and intoxicating spicy floral... I sooo wish there was some way to share the scent. It has scented the Scarf and the Book and rushes up to meet me each time I open the Chest. Magical.

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