Thursday, June 3, 2010


I was not feeling to craft-y this morning... too many other things cluttering up my brain. Once the house was a wee bit tidier and my afternoon meeting cleared away I felt the Creativity Cork *POP* and we were off to the races...

The 1st 2 projects started as snippets off this Collage Sheet from Ceremony Share
(link on the picture)...

This one is for Dragon Dream Tag-It-On (TIO#41) SteamPunk Influences
ooohhhh... you all know me... They HAD me at SteamPunk!!!
I started with a chunk of the clock then embellied the ever-luvin' heck out it with some of my metal collection, watch bits and a small touch of Glimmer Misted Lace.
I'm not sure how much this weighs now but it's definitely a Heavy Metal Project. ;O)

This Postcard is for Haunted Design House (HDH041) Vile Vintage
It was the look on her face that sold me... soooo evil.
The Dagger and Serf Head were snippets both from some Halloween Clip-y sh-tuff I already had in my 'puter. Blood is my token 3D Crystal Lacquer coated over painted (dripped) on Glimmer Mist, with more GM over when it dried.
Now THAT'S a Red Queen! bwaahhhh-hhhaa-hhaaa!!!

This 4X4 comes from a snippet of a much larger 'Time' Collage Sheet
(unsure of origin) for The Three Muses Challenge 53: Time
I put a Tim Holtz Mask on, sprayed with green & brown Glimmer Mist. Then I used 3D Crystal Lacquer to stick the quote on, also coating the quote... then another quick Glimmer Mist spritz when partly dry.
I wish the picture for this one was better it looks sooo much better IRL.

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