Sunday, June 27, 2010

SteamPunk Demon Detector...

I made a Demon Detector!!!
We're the family that SteamPunks together and as such we're in need of some cool devices & gadgets... I'm working on our Family Vampire Hunting Kits at present.
Seeing as we're a family on the hunt for the Supernatural... more specifically my 'husband' who was bitten by a Vampire this little device will come in handy.
It's old Majik and not always reliable *shrug* but better than nothing.
We will continue the search for my husband and one day we will kill him and any other unnatural forces that get in our way.

Clock from the $ store ($2) I removed the glass (2 knobs hold it on) and all the clock working bits (Yeah! more gears!!!).
Then I printed off a Clip-Art 'demon chart' on actual yellow parchment paper (grumpy printer didn't like that! lol) and pasted it over the clock face.
Coated it in 2 layers of 3D Crystal Lacquer (leaving to dry a full day in between coats). Also filled the crevices with copper 3D Crystal Lacquer.
Dry brushed some copper paint on the raised design and painted the knobs copper, the brushed gold finish was original to the clock.
Then assembled the new 'hand' from a few of the clock bits (2 gears and the magnet ring around the hand) it spins quite well on it's own.

Put the glass and knobs back on and Voila!
3 days to make a SteamPunk Demon Detector... none to shabby.

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