Friday, June 4, 2010

ScrapFIT: Workout #21... Machine.

You needed to use a machine of some sort in creating your layout.
I used a Sewing Machine.
I also used this Sketch from over at For the Luv of Art
I liked the strips of sewing and thought it would work well for the ribbons I wanted to attach.

These are pictures from the Celtic Betrothal Handfasting Ceremony we held last September.
We were supposed to be married that day but one of my sons had major medical issues over the year so we decided to postpone the wedding for a year, so we'd have time to prepare.
We wanted to celebrate since a year's a long time to wait, so we held a Bethrothal Handfasting Ceremony.
Our Pastor blessed our vow to be married a year from the day, all our friends & family publicly promised to help us keep our vow and then everyone there (and a few that were sent in lieu) tied their own ribbon around our joined hands to help seal the Vow.
Then we parties Celtic Style lost of cider, spice cake and fiddly-diddly music.
It was a Very Special Day.

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