Thursday, June 10, 2010


Now if YOU were to walk in on a bunch of smoke in your kitchen,
Realize someone had turned on the back burner instead of the front...
(to toast something)
it had somehow caught the decorative crockery next to the stove on fire,
the kind with varnish not glaze, that reads DO NOT heat.
What would you do:
a) turn off the burner
b) open the exhaust fan
c) open a window
d) all of the above
not until after you took in a HUGE breathe of smoke filled air to yell "GREG, FIRE!!!"

Well.... I'm usually a choice d) all of the above kinda person.
This time no different + the stupidity in the moment.
Which has left me in my current predicament.
It was last Wednesday that the fire occurred. I was at the Emergency Sunday morning 6AM because I could not breath. After massive inhaler doses, blood work, X-rays I was sent home with instructions to take 3 Advil every 6 hours (for the pain of coughing), prescription expectorant and 2 new inhalers. Told it was a viral chest infection, a complication of the smoke, possibly the chemicals in the varnish and my asthma. Come back if it gets worse and 4 days bed-rest to avoid having to labor my breathing.

From there I have been stripping while over heating, over-dressing when I'm freezing, coughing non-stop, bringing up brown, yellow, green, white and gray flecked gook, haven't slept more than 2 hours straight and every fiber of my being hurts.

Last night though we moved into the blood from the lungs category so off to Emergency... again.
I've now come home with a Heavy Duty Anti-Biotic, Prednisone and Prescription strength Anti-cough syrup (for night).
Hopefully that will knock this out. I have been warned my lungs will be weak for awile so no Major Marathons and keep long walks, stairs, yelling to a minimum. Singing too but HA!!! not in my lifetime I live vicariously through Glee.
I've already taken my 1st doses of the pills and I have faith that things will improve soon. I feel a tiny bit better already and am very, very, very much looking forward to my 1st cough free night in over a week.
I'm planning on sneaking back into my Studio tomorrow.
Have no fear, Calamity-Sarah will survive even this New Adventure!
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