Saturday, June 19, 2010

ScrapFIT Mini Workout #2: Tag!

That time of year again... Teacher's Gifts!
Because my kids are in a very small school (less than 200 kids) all the teachers end up working with all the students at some time or another. This always leaves me in a bit of a conondrum at Gift Time. So... I make a little something for everyone who works at the school from the Principal down to the Custodian. Not much... a nice tag and a wee gift (usually baking or a craft).
This time it's especially bitter sweet, we're changing schools next year...
so it's the final Thank-You/Good-Bye.
I decided to make Tags for ScrapFit Mini Workout #2 and they will be going on the Gifts this week.
I used the Family SteamPunk Picture from our Science Fair Outing as the main focus.
Added some beautiful Burgundy, Gold & Navy Fibre , inked the edges and added a key & lock.

for being Part of Our Journey!
~Arthur, Robert, William
& Thomas Russett~
~Sarah Elliott & Greg Cooper~

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