Monday, June 7, 2010

Treasure Hunting Weekend...

I'm lucky enough to live in a City that is rather 'pushy' on Environmental Issues. We have a program for both Blue (plastic & glass) and Black (paper & wood) Box as well as the newly introduced Green (compost-ables) Bin Collection. They also host a 'Give-Away Weekend' twice a year. If you have anything you don't want anymore... out in the curb that weekend with a FREE sign and hopefully someone else will want it. I love these weekends... my fiance refers to them as the 'Holy Weekends'. lol He's an electronic tinkerer so he get wires and other bits and pieces to feed him through... I hunt for ART-ables!!!
We unfortunately lost a day this time round due to my stupidity and stubbornness (legendary I tell ya!) I breathed in a fair bit of smoke in Wednesday (we had a mini-kitchen fire, no biggie) and then promptly ignored the symptoms. Sooooo combined with my Asthma it peculated into a nice little viral lung infection. I spent the larger part of the day Sunday at the hospital getting poked, prodded, x-rayed, and masked til I could breathe again. Now I lie in the bed I made literally... 2 new inhalers, anti-inflammatory meds and essentially bed-rest til the 400lb man sitting on my chest either loses weight or gets the heck off.
Well enough of that! I think in the day we did get out we did awesome!!!
A few victory Pictures Below...
I didn't take pictures of everything but we also got board games, books, magazines, a couple of Art Books (Art journal fodder) mounted canvas', chain, tools, phone, alarm clock (taken apart already!) lots!

Shelf I can't wait to fill with little doo-dads... I'm thinking SteamPunk. I even got a wee little oil lamp that fits perfect in a section. I'm pretty sure this used to be a printer block storage shelf by the markings on the back.

I'm in lurrrve with this shelf. I'm almost afraid to do anything to it, it's already aged so nicely.

Picture Frame... picture does not do it justice it's gold leaf them rubbed to looked aged, all carved.
It's just gorgeous!

Frame again... and the Box! I was stunned... I found the box AND it was filled with paint, brushes and some different finishes (crackle, patina etc...) What's there is about 1/3 of the sh-tuff that was in the box. I already squirreled a good chunk away before I thought to get the pictures.

Fleurs, Fleurs & Fleurs... Watering Can and a Feather Duster.

Some other odds & ends... Mini-Wreaths, more flowers, neat Cat book (art journal fodder) 2 cute little bird sculptures (I plan to out out at the wedding), wooden fish dish, toothpicks and an OLD journal with gorgeously aged paper inside.

Sewing Side Table... I love it!

Basket, Tiles, frames and some hardware bits & pieces...

LOL I found a coffee Mug big enough for ME! It's actually a carafe but hey! I drink that much anyway... & Glass ware.

Household goodies. 2 Pumpkins actually still have the Pier 1 Imports stickers on the bottom ($45 and $30!!!). Tree for the fish, flashlight and assorted candle sh-tuff & holders (I'll be using at the wedding).

Candle Holders Mint in Box... (more for the wedding)

Bit of wood trim rescued off a dying cabinet.

More Candle Holders... I LOVE the roses... they will be on my dining room table with taper once we clear all our treasure away.

Framed Military Photo... surprised to see this out. The frame is gorgeous but so is the picture...

A Victorian Style Tea Cart... I'm beyoooond thrilled!
The Doily my Mum brought over is actually one made by my Grandmother and it fits poi-fect.
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