Tuesday, June 15, 2010

*squeal!!!* It's UP! I'm the June Guest DT on Gutter Girlz!!!

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I'm the STAR of this show
Fingerprints by Katy Perry
Film Negative or Negative effects (there is a free process for this on called INVERT)

Please Welcome our Guest Designer:
Sarah Elliott
My name is Sarah Elliott and I live in Ottawa , Ontario, Canada. I’m mom to 4 boyz ages 12 down to 5 years old. Yes I’m busy, Yes I’m tired… and don’t ask how ‘clean’ my house is. ;O)

I'm also getting married in September 2010, lucky enough to have found love with a longtime high school friend who treats my boyz like his own, he is my missing Soul-Partner. So life is even busier right now, but oh so fun! I often refer to myself as having ADAD (Attention Deficit Art Disorder) as you can see on my blog I’m always up to something Art-sy. I call myself a Mixed Media Artist because if I can find some way to craft it... I will. I’m always Re-Using, Re-ducing & Re-decorating. Been creative my whole life, don’t think I could put a ‘date’ on when I started making Art, if my Mum’s right it’d be on the wall about the same time she gave my solid foods.

Besides making a mess daily in my Studio at home: I’m also a Summer lover ‘cause I get to play in the garden, our Summers are way to short. I read lots & lots & lots… usually have 3-4 books on the go at any given time laying all over the house/car. I’m delighted to be given the opportunity to be a regular DT on ARTastic Challenge Blog and am looking so forward to the creative challenges ahead! In short: As you'll see by my page for this Challenge, I lead a Chaos-Driven life full of sh-tuff always going on, but I really wouldn't have it any other way.

I really had fun with this one... I kept meaning to put down my common diatribe about how we lead the PERFECT Sitcom Life. They would have a field day and years & years worth of situations we always seem to be in. I've never played with the features in Picnik... quite addictive. ;O) I was able to able to complete a large part of my LO right at Picnik then print & paste, awesome!

Journaling reads: I often wonder when the networks are going to show up at our door... wanting the rights to our life story for the next Prime Time Sitcom...
Script Notes:
Title: of our next Hit show
Solo-Parent-Mom of 4 boys + Fiance
little bit of estrogen dealing with A LOT of Teststerone!
Boy 1: 12 years old going on 16... teen angst, TEEN-many funny options
Boy 2: 9 years old... and already showing GAY tendencies, senstive etc...
Boy 3: 8 years old WILD-medication, school issues, dual personailty Great Storylines
Boy 4: 5 years old CUTE, baby of family- needs to be center of universe but Charms with smile and Big Brown Eyes. SELL IT!
Fiance: Work a LOT, helps when there but Mom is the Focus -the STAR
MOM: ADD, SAHM, ARTIST always trying to work in the chaos
EX: largely absent... occasional drop-ins allows for DRAMA.
It's my life, and I'm not sitting on the sidelines watching it pass me by...
-Fingerprints-Katy Parry-
Fish (scenery), Crazee Bunny... Scene Stealer
2 dogs: 1 neurotic, but quiet. 1 BAD chews, poops in the house etc... OH the SCENES.
Big Dog, Black (bunny) like Ninja, Medium Dog, (fish) pretty.

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