Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy International SteamPunk Day!!!

For those that need a little more information on SteamPunk, check out Wikipedia
Images galore on Google

My family and I are active members in local SteamPunk group in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This weekend was The SteamPunk Science Fair... inventions and gadgets and things oh my!
We had a blast and took a fantastic photo op while we had it...
Everyone in SteamPunk-er-y Gear and a gorgeous old Church the event was held at. Stonework, Ironwork and Big Gorgeously worn Doors.
As my Ode to SteamPunk for International SteamPunk Day I did my Challenge work for Small World of Inchies & Twinchies: SteamPunk Theme. I made 8 Twinchies from some of the Science Fair Photo Shoot!
I know I usually am a die-hard Inchie Artist but the Twinchie worked better with the Cogs I had to stamp. :O)
I used several different cogs and gears that we've been harvesting out off anything we can find them in. I stamped them in metallic then clear heat-embossed over.

Whole Set:

Aviator Arthur:

Robert the Intrepid Inventor:

Wild-West William:

Thomas the Urchin:

Greg... Man of Mystery:

Lady Doctor Sarah:

Greg & Sarah:

The Family that SteamPunks Together:

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