Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

I know, I know... a day early. :O)
Greg has to work a full-day tomorrow so we did our 'festivities' today.
Starting with our traditional 'Faux-Cora's Breakfast' of Berry Waffles.




Whipped Cream...

All on Eggo Waffles then drizzled in Chocolate Sauce!!!

Some (GREG) like more Chocolate than others. LOL.

Robert, Thomas & William with their heaping plates...

My Daddy & Mommy. :O)

The Other part of the day was of course... GIFTS!
I made Thank-You Jars from the boyz.
They were also part of the 'Going Green' Challenge on Scrapadabadoo.
A great use for a couple of Sauce Jars that were otherwise heading to the recycle.
I picked 2 that were the same shape, size, (company) but had different lid colors.
Gold for Greg, Black for my Dad.

These are the finished Jars:
I put a layer of Mulberry Paper, topped with a strip of pattern paper around each one.
Stamped, Heat Embossed and Marker-Colored the images, tore them and inked the edges before attaching to the Thank-You Jars.
Tags say 'Happy Father's Day! 2010'

Thank-You Tag also ripped out and inked, over Mulberry Paper for the Lids.

Back and Front of Jars:

Plaid for my Dad, Circles for Greg.

Inside the Jars:
Printed out 'Notes' from each of the Boyz.
Orange for Arthur, Yellow for Robert, Green for William and Blue for Thomas.
This 'color system' is something that evolved in our house from the IKEA dish sets, now everyone has thier own 'color' for everything! It's a wonderful thing. Makes like 110% easier!
Each boy told me 5 things for each Greg & Grandpa that they loved or were thankful for.
They were a hit!

Greg Reading his Thank-You Jar.

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Father's Day!!!
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