Friday, February 24, 2012

Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge: April

Still on sshhhhcedule... April done in February: check!
Must say digging through my digital stamp collection and getting the images for the entire printed and waiting was a really, really good idea. The pile is sitting there... taunting me. ;O)

Went with an Easter and April Showers them...
Mary Poppins is from Sassy Studio Design.
The Egg Droppin' Bunny is from Elizabeth O. Dulemba's Coloring Page Tuesday. Title cut out with a SLICE.
Antique White Base layer to cover the Baby Calendar.
Other selections: Daffodil (Pale) Yellow, Leaf (soft) Green, Baby Blue, Bright White and watered down Royal Blue for splattering.
Bright Pretty colors for my Birthday Month!
Brushed til dry brushing...
Then Splatter Fun!Close up of the images.

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