Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal: Jan 15th Prompt and Book

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal... still by far my favorite prompts.
This year there have been some changes: Change is good and I like em'.
New 'rules', new prompts and some tearing apart of Art 'stereotypes'... luv, luv, luv!

Late in the gate this year, was waiting on buried treasure from my parents *rubbing hands together with glee*. They are clearing their house and had been holding onto all their university textbooks... all.of.them. They are old enough the pages are stitched in *squee* so they are GREAT for altering. I have 2 BIG boxes with 40+ books just waiting to be messed with.

1st the January 15th Prompt:
ie: along the lines of One Little Word, choose one word that embodies the way you want your year to be LIVED.
THE STUFF: Imagery
ie: Use images, clippings... all to create the FEELING of the word you choose.
ie: paint an
d doodle on your images to further create the emotion of your word.

My 2012 Word of the Year is SPACE. I made an icon to use over the course of 2012, added it on the left page.
Space: the Word of the Year. This is the artwork of the Artist Sarah Cooper. Her one-year mission: to explore this word, to seek out it’s meanings and build upon these things, to boldly go where no one has gone before…
Right hand page is the dictionary definition of Space. Doodled over all of it with watercolor pencils. Then journaled over that on the left.

Now the Book-y part...
This is my book... so far. Plan to add and modify it as the mood/muse strikes over the year.
Will be adding 2012 to the spine fer sure. Lots of clip art, images from a Space screen-saver and headers from the Blog. :O)

Full Cover:
Inside Front Cover:
Table of Contents (1):Table of Contents (2):
Inside Back Cover:Front Cover:
This was a bit of a mind bender... $5.25, the cost of this UNIVERSITY TEXTBOOK. *gasp* I went to college (twice, 10+ years ago) and my cheapest book was $70.80. Mum's cheapest was $3.50. Full Cover-Naked:
Book after it's 'diet', removed about 1/3 of the pages:Saving the pages I ripped out, many of them are tables and mathematical charts... could be some interesting Art-y uses for them:I'm cheap so just using $1 store antique white paint to cover/stiffen the pages:

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