Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Of Days: 6th-8th ...and Puppy Bonus!

Things are busy here and THIS would be one of the biggest reasons...
Avya got into my Blog Prize Box and wore herself out.
Little Beastie... the Pest!
I do so hate waking her up, because she's deaf she startles and then I feel bad...
Plus if she's asleep she's not getting into any *more* trouble! lol

Bit of a picture catch-up in my BOD.

February 6th:
Feeling a need to reconnect today so I lit a candle in the Studio, got the Celtic Prayer book out and just 'zoned' really. Trying to reconnect my soul.

February 6th: Full Spread
February 7th:
New Stamps! Peachy Cheap order of Basic Grey arrived today... mmm... fresh acrylic. yum!
Some quotes from today's reading in Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy. Reminder to moi... perfect reading for what I needed today.

February 7th: Full Spread
February 8th:
'Cheater' WOYWW Blog Post.

February 8th: Full Spread
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