Monday, February 6, 2012

What I did this weekend...

Had a delightful time Saturday afternoon playing with metal...
Took part in a Metal Embossing Workshop put on by Wendy of Dragonfly Dreamers and hosted the at the Studio of Laura Daub... only 8 houses away!
Tell you I *almost* got lost walking over... fwef!

We were creating 6 X 6 " Gallery Cradle Boards.

You can see everyone's work here:

I'm a gomer!
Even though I made sure to have a fresh battery AND put my camera on the table at the start, got so wrapped up in creating... forgot to keep take pictures as I went.

This is my piece with the front all done embossing:

This is it all done, side & front... and there is filler plaster on the back.
White means: Done!
Pink means: Wait!
Over on the left is a sliver of Wendy's 'scrap box'.
Would have been happy to sifted through it all day...
Lots of yummy lil bits!

All done!
Took my 'scrap' of metal and embossed a few things on it...
Waste not want not!
My scrap went right into my Book of Days.
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