Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 140

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*not* been a productive week so the 'piles' are high. boo!
Hubby fell on the ice at work and has been off. In addition he picked up strep throat along the way in one of the many doctor's office, clinic and hospital he's visited. So the routine this week has been more 'off' than it was last week.
There-There... Poor Bunny.

The pile of books to the left:
-Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge
-Art Journal out for NaNoJouMo February edition
-Book of Days
and the Big Yellow Book of Scheduling.
Which had us off to Doctors appointments for the Biggest and Smallest boy and Physio for the Hubs tomorrow.
I *DID* manage to get caught up on my Postcards for the 52 Weeks Postcard Challenge. Still need to share, will get them posted later today (I hope). I'm keeping my eyes peeled for an old Atlas to alter to make a display for them. They're spread across the middle for now.
...and my pretty Fleurs!
Greg got them for me last week. :O) Last week was (still is) a week my S.A.D. took over. More interested in zzzzz... than 'making' or moving right now. *yawn*
Would like to hibernate through the rest of the winter.
That means I'm needingto be off rustling up coffee!

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