Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book of Days: February 21st

February 21st is an extra special day so it gets a full page in my Book of Days.
This year it's the 14th anniversary of son Arthur's 'Birth'day
and My becoming a Mother.

Do so wish my camera was better at getting the colors,
but alas what I have is what I got. :)

Background was rubbed in several fall-ish shades of ink, then wet with water to blend. The parchment envelope got the same treatment with a dash more yellow then I stamped on it.
The image is from a print, ripped and attached in over the envelope. The frame and 2 mini envelopes are from a scrapbook kit I was saving (read: hoarding) for something special. Inside the smallest is a note to Arthur's Father and inside the other a Note to the 'Me' of that day 14 years ago.
The card inside the parchment envelope has the Holstee Manifesto on one side and a note to Baby Arthur on the other.
*Choosing not to share any of the journaling this time since it is all immensely personal*

Full Spread
Envelopes Closed
Envelopes Open

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