Monday, February 13, 2012

Book of Days: February 11-13th

The sick continued into the weekend so I'm behind... again.

February 13th:
4th Multi-Day Spread, done!

February 13th:
Sick, please go away.
February 12th:
Full SpreadFebruary 12th:
Yearly event: Sexapalooza takes Ottawa.
Dragged my butt out despite how I felt, it only happens once a year and I was so looking forward to it. Used snips from some of the advertisements we were given at the event for this entry.

February 11th:
In Progress... Started by inking my hand with light peach and placing it on the page. Then I made the outline and colored it in with layer of watercolor paints. Also placed lighter alternating layers of color around the hand-print.
February 11th:
Journaled Frame: Bit of rambling on where my hand-prints have been left in the past and why and the people that have left theirs behind in my life. :O)
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