Sunday, February 5, 2012

Book of Days: Feb 2nd -5th and 1st add-on

Some pictorial catch-up to do...

February 2nd Full Spread
with addition to February 1st.
Won tickets later in the day to the sneak preview of Woman in Black, added that onto my WOYWW portion.
This also finished off my 3rd Multi-Day Spread. yeah!
February 2nd
A wee flippy section about smiling through the SAD crap-tastic I'm feeling at present.

February 3rd
A mental reminder to myself about 'Enough' with one of my absolute favorite reading from Bob Perks ( called 'I wish you Enough'. Grab a Kleenex before you read it, tryst me. I started with a sized to fit print off of the text...

Greg bought me fleurs, knowing they really, really help during my winter slumps...
So I decided to grab my water color paints and add them to my page.


February 3rd Full Spread.
My BOD has developed a pattern I'm going to stick with:
Full Multi Day Spread...
followed by a 2 Whole Page Spread.
It works. :O)
February 4th
I went to a metal embossing class in the afternoon... took a few minutes to emboss my 'scrap' with full intentions of adding it to my book. Looooove it!
Cut and inked the edges of a piece of cardstock...

Sh-tuck on my embossed metal piece...

Then ran masking tape down the underside, added a strip cut from a book page, then sponged daubed 2 shades of blue paint on....

Then added a 'frame' with Silver, Gold and Black Markers. (read: NEW metallic pens... must use right away!)

Embossed Side:
Journal-y Side.
Picture is of the book read for the Book Club meeting I attended that evening.

February 4th Full Page Spread

February 5th
Decided to use today for the Affirmation and Envelope prompt.
Envelope is from a Gift Exchange done through Live Journal... I *had* to keep the Alice themed envie. So cute! I used it to hold my Affirmation.

Affirmation is from Brene Brown, PH.D. (Love this woman!). The Cards I used can be found here: .
Swore myself in 2 years ago but can always use the reminder! :O)
The Tag is covered in security envelope paper, lovely blue... and the *boot in the butt* important bits are highlighted. Bit of doodling over the graphics too.

February 5th Full Spread

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