Friday, February 24, 2012

Book of Days: February 23rd and 24th

You'fer for fer a two-fer!

February 24th:
Full Spread
February 24th...
Started with this rather jarring, hot, painfully colored paper *exactly* how I'm feeling today.
Then wrote out some of my feelings, thoughts etc...Then topped that over with my version Our Lady of Devine Ouchy-Tenderness, highlighting *my* ouch-y bits and a reminder to 'Treat with Care' today.
February 23rd:
Crap-tastic day loaded down with other people's crap.
Old crap, dusty crap... crap I want nuffin' to do with 'cause it just ain't mine.
But I digress, wise words to remember in my BOD on this day. February 23rd:
Full Spread

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