Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book of Days: February 16th-20th and 22nd (5th Multi Day spread DONE)

Some heavy duty picture catch-up for Book of Days...
The 21st isn't in this posting because it was a special, very special, 'biggie' day so it gets a post all to itself.
Posting it right after this one. :O)

February 22nd: Full 5th Spread DONE!
February 16th:
Cut pattern paper to fit and make a flip-out.
Stamped 1/2 of the white side with coffee splatter stamps.
Then added my ticket from the play and inked the edged of everything, inside and out.
Added a bit of masking take to reinforce the fold before gluing it into my BOD.
February 16th:
February 16th:
InsideFebruary 16th:
Full Spread
February 17th:
Busy day of maaaaany "To Do's".
Used a sheet from a To Do pad so I could git'er done fast.
February 17th:
Full Spread
February 18th and 19th:
I waited to do these together... the days were pretty melded being an all weekend birthday party for, now, 14 year old *yeep!* Arthur.
Pattern Paper to the rescue!
February 19th:
Full SpreadFebruary 20th:
Family Day... I was hiding in the Studio.
Last day of a 4 day weekend for the kids.
February 20th:
Full Spread
February 22nd:
WOYWW 'cheater' day.

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