Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Postcard Challenge 2012: ~ Austria ~ Spain ~ Brazil ~ Chine ~ France ~

Yesterday I got a chance to get all caught up with the Postcard 2012 Challenge over at Art & Sole... what a lovely project idea!
The 'meat' of the project info is HERE.
FAQ section is HERE.

My 2 characters are Time Travelers, recording events in journals (which I *may* make too... we'll see...), planning to see each other again when their separate 'research and record' is all done. They are writing each other at neighboring PO Box's in London. Busy enough location to slip in and out of to gather correspondence without looking too out of time, er... place.
...and that's all I'm saying. The Story will unfold over the year on their postcards.

Found scanned images of stamps from each country for the back...
Need to find some postal rubber stamps though, only have 1 and I dislike the carbon-copy repetition over several countries. The Time Travel aspect means I'm not sh-tuck in any century for images on the cards or the stamps (prices, images etc...) I like that. :O)
In my 'travels' I found many useful images at:
Vintage Printables

The Story of Douglas 'Duke' Murphy and Charity Browne has begun...






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