Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Book of Days: February 28th and 29th

Two-fer day again. ;O).

February 29th:
Full Spread

February 29th:
'cheater' WOYWW entry
February 28th:
Full Spread
February 28th:
LOVE how this turned out! The journal block is the backing off a pack or Prima Flowers... how cool, is that?! It was just too pretty to toss so I've had it over a year.
Doodled a bit behind and on it.

Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge: February, Done!

It's the last day of the month...
That means another FULL Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge Page.
Looking forward to putting Pen-to-Art on a fresh Month tomorrow. :)

Before, Blogged here:

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 143

It's Leap-Year Wednesday!
...and time for What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday over at
Stamping Ground
Pop on over and see what everyone is up to this week!

Took this early enough that nothing has been started today... yet.
The 2 picture frames are drying. They fell off the wall by our front door and the frames broke and 1 of the glass sheets shattered.
Lesson Learned:
Tall boys should *not* be in the process of putting their backpacks on while heading out the door, things get broken. ;O)

Today's To-Dos:
-take pictures for a article
-stack of RAOK and Happy Mail Tags to git'done
-NaNoJouMo February finish up.
...and more coffee so I cab get started! lol

Happy Leap-Year, Hump Day, WOYWW!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Try it on Tuesday: Anything goes with Acetate

Anything goes with Acetate

Our theme for this weeks anything goes project is to use acetate!


Looked through the studio for anything acetate that tickled my muse, I found a card in my used stash: Pretty lil'violet on acetate, poi-fect!

Chopped it up and made an all new card with a shaker on it.
Card base is DCWV.
Lace from my stash.
Stamps and Inks from Stampin'Up!
Beadz from the $ store.
The rest is all from the original card.
Picture does it no justice but the card was varying shaded or shimmery Gold.

The original card:

Punched the flower out and a 'frame' for the shaker:
Added a dimensional foam ring and 2 colors of purple beadz:
Baaad... picture of the assembled shaker.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book of Days: February 25th and 26th

Didn't get yesterday done so they were completed together, today.

February 26th:
Full Spread
February 25th:
Regional Basketball Free Throw Championship ate our day.
Proud of William who was so calm, collected an A-Ok with not 'winning'.
Sharpie and Watercolor Paints.
February 26th:
Out of Balance Today.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Year in the Life of an Art Journal: February 15th prompt

THE PROMPT: My Favorite Things
ie: a few of the things you LOVE about someone you love. Can be alive or dead.
THE STUFF: Lists and ephemera
ie: have a few tokens from that someone? Maybe the cover of the CD with "your song" or a napkin from the restaurant you both love to eat at...
ie: Use pockets to store those "things" on your page.

Ended up doing several other 'I love someone cause' style projects recently so I tweaked the prompts for this one. Made it a smatter listing of a few of *my* Favorite things, used vintage ephemera (clip-art) and then a more organized looking list-y in the big pocket.

Even got to 'sneak' one of my newest favorite images in, from Altered Artifacts, she just so durn cute!

Book of Days: February 23rd and 24th

You'fer for fer a two-fer!

February 24th:
Full Spread
February 24th...
Started with this rather jarring, hot, painfully colored paper *exactly* how I'm feeling today.
Then wrote out some of my feelings, thoughts etc...Then topped that over with my version Our Lady of Devine Ouchy-Tenderness, highlighting *my* ouch-y bits and a reminder to 'Treat with Care' today.
February 23rd:
Crap-tastic day loaded down with other people's crap.
Old crap, dusty crap... crap I want nuffin' to do with 'cause it just ain't mine.
But I digress, wise words to remember in my BOD on this day. February 23rd:
Full Spread

Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge: April

Still on sshhhhcedule... April done in February: check!
Must say digging through my digital stamp collection and getting the images for the entire printed and waiting was a really, really good idea. The pile is sitting there... taunting me. ;O)

Went with an Easter and April Showers them...
Mary Poppins is from Sassy Studio Design.
The Egg Droppin' Bunny is from Elizabeth O. Dulemba's Coloring Page Tuesday. Title cut out with a SLICE.
Antique White Base layer to cover the Baby Calendar.
Other selections: Daffodil (Pale) Yellow, Leaf (soft) Green, Baby Blue, Bright White and watered down Royal Blue for splattering.
Bright Pretty colors for my Birthday Month!
Brushed til dry brushing...
Then Splatter Fun!Close up of the images.

Postcard Challenge 2012 Week 8: Cuba

Went sh-exy for this weeks Postcard front... Super inspired (musta been that recent Sexapalooza event...) and went the Cuban Heel route with some extra sinful smokes to round things out. ;)
This week Charity is writing to Douglas.
oooo... it looks like she had some trouble with her time streaming device.
Let's hope that doesn't get any worse or she could wind up in the wrong place or the wrong time in the future... or is that the past...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book of Days: February 21st

February 21st is an extra special day so it gets a full page in my Book of Days.
This year it's the 14th anniversary of son Arthur's 'Birth'day
and My becoming a Mother.

Do so wish my camera was better at getting the colors,
but alas what I have is what I got. :)

Background was rubbed in several fall-ish shades of ink, then wet with water to blend. The parchment envelope got the same treatment with a dash more yellow then I stamped on it.
The image is from a print, ripped and attached in over the envelope. The frame and 2 mini envelopes are from a scrapbook kit I was saving (read: hoarding) for something special. Inside the smallest is a note to Arthur's Father and inside the other a Note to the 'Me' of that day 14 years ago.
The card inside the parchment envelope has the Holstee Manifesto on one side and a note to Baby Arthur on the other.
*Choosing not to share any of the journaling this time since it is all immensely personal*

Full Spread
Envelopes Closed
Envelopes Open

Book of Days: February 16th-20th and 22nd (5th Multi Day spread DONE)

Some heavy duty picture catch-up for Book of Days...
The 21st isn't in this posting because it was a special, very special, 'biggie' day so it gets a post all to itself.
Posting it right after this one. :O)

February 22nd: Full 5th Spread DONE!
February 16th:
Cut pattern paper to fit and make a flip-out.
Stamped 1/2 of the white side with coffee splatter stamps.
Then added my ticket from the play and inked the edged of everything, inside and out.
Added a bit of masking take to reinforce the fold before gluing it into my BOD.
February 16th:
February 16th:
InsideFebruary 16th:
Full Spread
February 17th:
Busy day of maaaaany "To Do's".
Used a sheet from a To Do pad so I could git'er done fast.
February 17th:
Full Spread
February 18th and 19th:
I waited to do these together... the days were pretty melded being an all weekend birthday party for, now, 14 year old *yeep!* Arthur.
Pattern Paper to the rescue!
February 19th:
Full SpreadFebruary 20th:
Family Day... I was hiding in the Studio.
Last day of a 4 day weekend for the kids.
February 20th:
Full Spread
February 22nd:
WOYWW 'cheater' day.