Monday, April 25, 2011


I've taken a few days to simply *be* with the family.
Planned a few work-ishy things over the weekend then decided to 'take' the weekend back instead.
So glad I did...
The challenges, Etsy parcels & posting and my Studio could all wait.
I feel relaxed and content for the 'time off'.
Greg's Family from the US came up to visit his Grandmother, Cupper, who recently fell and broke her pelvis. She's at a re-hab facility getting back on her feet... literally. Spunky lass of 94 who can't wait to get home!
Greg and I also went to go visit her yesterday and she's doing FAB-u-lous. Ran into Greg's Aunt Pat there too so it was a nice all around visit.
Started with an Easter Egg Hunt set up by my parents in their basement.
We had a Big Family Dinner (Mom's turn to cook!) in my parent wee little (1 bedroom) house with 13 people in total. lol... talk about cozy, in a good way. :O) We did the traditional 'Holiday Cupcake Buffet' too.
Then a wonderful evening with friends, Chinese take-out and a controversial Documentary... Which as usual, leads to the best 'discussions'!


was a whirlwind:

Lunch at Swiss Chalet then Good-Bye-s to the US crew as they were heading back home, hoping to catch the travelers 'hole' between Good Friday and Easter. (UGGG!!!) Last Minute shopping. Then Egg Decorating, Pizza and a Movie with my parents.


Due to a mess up along the way when Greg's schedule changed, somebody in booking key-stroked the wrong weekend, meant our Easter Miracle was having him home both Saturday AND Sunday to be with us.
It was wonderful. We had Easter Brunch here (My turn to cook!), Candy Chaos in the morning and then a relaxed 'just us' dinner in the evening.

Lots of Netflix Catch-up of Firefly, Dollhouse and Heroes too!
But now... back to the grind. :O)
I need to complete all my April Project before Wednesday Night.
Thursday we're leaving for our HONEYMOON!!!!
Weekend full of Steampunk-ery at the Canadian National Steampunk Expo.
Packing has barely started too.
Short but buuuuusy week ahead!
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