Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? #99

Answer this week: Waaaaaaay too much to do!!!
{ insert Panic attack here}
I'm leaving tomorrow for the Canadian National Steampunk Expo... also our belated Honeymoon Trip. *wink wink*
The worse of it is we havn't even started packing! Greg got the Suitcases from his Grandmothe's House last night. I get to pack for us both...
Today he's taking the 8-10 hour round trip drive to North Bay to get my Art Back from the Steampunk Show. It's going up with us to be displayed at CNSE.
I'm counting the minutes til the kids are off to school, sipping my caffeine power-up and getting organized, making lists etc...

This weeks Mess:
Pictures for The Darkside and Steampunk Challenge at, One Powerful Hour DT project (start) drying, Stampsalot challenge (from last week still not done), pictures ready for ARTastic and Scrap Our Stash DT sh-tuff... and a few other challenges I *HOPE* to get done in time.

Really a 'To-Do' List... but fast becoming a 'Wish' List!
If it's yellow it needs to be finished before we leave.

The Steam-y Sh-tuff:
Bits and pieces of costuming that needs some tweaking or repair.
Shoelaces for my boots, Bowler decor needs a touch-up, same for the paint on my Gun, still working on a decor piece for Mini-Top Hat.
The List for the Sitter too... meds, rules and regulations! lol

Yesterday's Mail:
Greg bought me this watch for my birthday and in my wildest dreams I didn't expect to actually HAVE it for the CNSE!!!!
I love it beyond words...
Brass, Watch, Book and a Bunny...
It's perfect.

All excited... can't wait to get going!
Happy Honeymoon!!!!

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