Saturday, April 2, 2011

Inspiration Avenue: Self Portrait

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Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge: Self Portrait Okay ~ this week may prove to be quite a challenge
After all, who is always available when you are ready to create?
It can just say "you" in some way, in any medium.

I am not happy with the end result of this attempt...
and I'm OK with admitting that.
I tried to emulate a few other pages/projects I had done similar and this one just isn't *as* good.

I have a busy, chaotic yet colorful life.
That was what I was going for.
Mounted canvas, paint and collage work.
It was still wet when I photographed (kids needed to run off with our only camera) so it a wee shiny.

I will also share the ones I DO like:

This was the one I had in my Mind's Eye when I started.
This one as well...This was one I made for another similar challenge.
This is my favorite though... by far!

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