Thursday, April 7, 2011

Love Link Up Party for All the BRAVE Girls Who Dare To Be....

Today has not been a superbly studio productive day, but a good one for sh-tuff around the house, mixed with some Etsy posting catch-up and Blog Reading.

Plus (thanks be!) The Man Cold ridden hubs went back to work! lol Taking things easy... and just enjoying life today. In my travels I stumbled on the 'Love Link Up Party' at Getting Cricky... Cut & Pasted Deets Below:

"Love Link Up Party for All the BRAVE Girls Who Dare To Be....

Show EVERYONE on this link some love--Go follow them, leave them a comment, and let's LINK UP SOME LOVE Today!! You will never know how many people your simple act may touch!!! Everyone loves to feel loved! Let's LINK UP THE LOVE!!!!

READY.....SET....LOVE/COMMENT....LINK....ADD the LINK to your BLOG!!!

Oh yes! I couldn't figure out where to leave a comment on her blog post so my 'Sarah Fact' is:
Though I cannot stand to have a messy kitchen (ew!) I actually function better in a cluttered Studio. I glance around and something'll catch my eye and for some reason it'll be *THE* thing that was missing. When everything is all neat and packed away... things are always harder to get together. ;O)

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