Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WOYWW #97: AWARD inside...

I’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award twice more!

Thank you so much…


"Thank you Ladies for all your Inspiration:)"


"I picked these blogs because they are so inspirational for me and are examples of the kinds of creations I want to be able to make and have them look half as good as these wonderful people :)"


I have decided to not 'seek-out-and-award' but offer this award up to anyone that pops by to visit during What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday (WOYWW) #97 hosted by Stamping Ground!

By *my* definition if your blogging and hopping and participating…

YOUR A Versatile Blogger!

So Grab the Badge...

Follow the Rules...

Please leave me a comment so I can pop over and visit!


Rules that come with award....

1) Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them on your post.
2) Tell seven things about yourself
3) Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers

4) Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received their award.

Here are the seven things about me:

1) My favorite Starbucks drink is a Venti Caramel-Caramel Macchiato. Yum!
2) Though recent, I am quickly becoming addicted to the new Tribute Blend.
3) I *just* got a MM Slice for my Birthday and am slooowly learning to use it.
4) Sunflowers, White Roses and Gerber Daisies… love them bestest!
5) Not really a nail polish person. I create too much: it chips, stains and smells reeeally bad when accidentally heated by an embossing gun. *blushing*
6) We share our lives with: 2 dogs, 1 bunny, 1 fish, and they are 100% part of the Family.
7) I’ve recently become a Netflix series-addict. Presently watching: Firefly, Dollhouse, Roswell, Heroes, and the Republic of Doyle… interspersed with the occasional Movie for good measure!


Which finally bring us around to the sh-tuff on my desk this week.
Several projects on the go, but again Design Team sh-tuff so no peekie!
I was a complete eeediot this morning (pre-coffee) and snapped pictures of my 'homework' list then realized it was almost all DT details for the next few months, so I'm not posting them.
Instead I have a potpourri of other sh-tuff...

This was the end result of yesterday's Coffee Date & Shopping Trip.
I spent the 'assigned' Birthday Money. People know me... I got cash as a couple of gifts with very specific 'we'll hurt you if you don't spend it on YOU' instructions.
I got 4 pads of K&Company 12X12 Paper Stacks for a steal!
Reg. $29.99 2 were $5.99 and 2 were $4.99.
Grabbed some camera theme stickers & rub-ons, pretty cupcake wrappers (to pretty to bake in!), birdhouse stickers and square brass studs from the el'cheapo bins. Some clear Journal blocks and Chipboard embellishment kit on clearance. To cute to resist Penganin' stickers, some fresh Slice Adhesive and a wood build-it-yourself Phone Booth... me thinks it will be BLUE not Red like their sample. Dr.Who Style!
2nd Hand Store:
A Mini- Wood Clock and an Eeyore glass for my son...
Which counts as an 'on YOU' item (in my books),
so he stops stealing MY Winnie the Pooh/Tigger Glass.
$ store:
Pretty glittery Cupcake Ribbon and some Stick-on-Pearls.

Happy Mail!!!
I got a lovely, lovely card in the mail from Caroline over at Glitter Tart Design...
The message inside just made my day (cried a bit) and she included some gorgeous jewelry bits to use toward a Steampunk-y Creation.
Thank-You Caroline!!!
I just looooove the envelope too. Bunny!!!

The newest addition to the mess... er, creative area:
My Slice, sitting at my right hand... literally.

Pretty Fleurs:
Some have faded and been snipped but many are still holding out 10 days later.
It's the neatest packaging:
Whole Bouquet is all tied up pretty in a heavy, heavy duty 'baggie' full of water.
It's called an Aqua Bouquet: No vase needed, No refills, No spilled water or adding 'food'... and it's lasting & lasting... plus it'll sit just about anywhere because it 'molds' so I can have on top of the bins ON my desk without having to clear a hole on my desk.

...and finally work:
I have a basket of sh-tuff waiting for Etsy Posting.
Sometime later...
I hope.

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