Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book of Days Catch-Up Post Part 1: May 10th - 30th

My Book of Days, as with al most all of my art-sy-ing activities has been left fallow for far too long as I have been unwell. Thanks so new meds I am slowly coming back and though there is still far to go I'm determinately waddling my way along the road to 'better'. :O)

As I posted in yesterday's WOYWW post...
Update on my health: 
Lyrica treatment for Fibromyalgia is going GREAT. 
The Flexiril has had one serious side effect though... We spent 6+ hours at the hospital Sunday/Monday night/morning because I have a UTI *and* my bladder has dropped. 
It's a stage 2 Prolapse (was at Stage 3 when I arrived at emergency): 
Both the emergency room doctor and my family doctor (who I saw promptly Monday afternoon) think that the Flexiril helped speed the process. Wonderful.
Can't win fer losing... lol. So that means I'm taking:
 ~Antibiotics for the Strep Throat (3X a day with/without food)
~Antibiotics for the UTI (2X a day with food)
~Probiotics I have to make sure I'm NOT taking with this antibiotics
~Anti-yeast infection pill: Taken 
(before I get another one like I just got over from the Strep antibiotics) 
~ Lyrica and Night (still to chicken to try 2X a day)
~Sleeping Aids
~Variety of pain killers
In addition:
~NO lifting, bending over, yelling or anything else that put 'pressure' of any kind 'down there'
~Avoid lying on my back and standing/walking for prolonged periods
~Kegels, Kegels, Kegels!
~only 1/4 cup of fluids at a time every 1/2-1 hour apart
~ Tiny meals frequently also no more than 1/4 cup-ish at a time

Confused yet? 
I sure am... 
Writing every last thing I do down so I can keep track of the times, amounts and doses. 
Yeeee haw!

I am fighting and I will win!
Needless to say LOTS to catch-up on. 
Decided to attack my BOD 1st... using Happy Mail that arrived while 'down & out for the count' and some scrawled notes I made each day. Quick and Dirty, but most importantly DONE.

May 10th:
Full Spread

May 10th

May 11th:
Full Spread

May 11th

May 12th:
Full Spread

May 12th
Mother's Day Eve Celebration

May 13th:
Full Spread

May 13th:
Mother's Day and Ottawa Comiccon!

May 14th-15th:
Full Spread

May 14th & 15th

May 16th:
Full Spread
Lucky # 13 MDS -DONE!

May 16th:
WOYWW 'cheater'

May 17th-30th:
Full Spread
#14 MDS- DONE!

May 17th-30th:
Used the last of my 29 Faces in May picture, trimmed down to fit in my BOD.
Journaling about the pain, Greg helping soooo much and treatments. 

May 23rd:
WOYWW 'cheater'
May 30th:
WOYWW 'cheater'

May 30th:
Additional journaling after Doctor's appointment. 
New 'Diagnosis' and New Meds = New Hope. 

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