Wednesday, June 27, 2012

End of Year Teacher/Staff Gifts

Last day of school for da'Boyz is tomorrow...
So, that meant today was the day the Teacher/Staff Gifts went in. Always err on the side of paranoia, er... caution and make sure they're in a day early. Good thing too! In fact, the main secretary called the house this evening to thank us because she's off tomorrow. See! Paranoia pays off... sometimes, lol. 

Each staff member at the younger boyz school and the 5 teachers Arthur had this year each got one of these:
Wee baggie stuffed with Hershey HUGS and a Photo Tag.
No I did not make or stamp the bags...
I 'cheat'.
Discovered a wonderful idea a few years ago, by accident of course... The 'bags' are for wedding favors. We keep our eyes peeled for something cute to pack the gifts in and they go on deep-discount 'out-of-season'. ex. These were $22.99 for 30 (owe!) and we got them at 75% off, because they were part of a Fall collection. We find something special to put inside and attach a tag with a poem/message and a recent picture. Used one of Arthur's Grad photos on his tags and we had a mini-photo shoot for the rest of da'Boyz. I let the kids give me an idea of what they want to do/give. Sometimes it's baking or canning depends on the time of year, the packages we found and Mum's enthusiasm level... lol. This round is quick and easy, Mum is drained.
All DONE... Huzzah!

These most certainly did *not* make the cut. 

Lousy health makes me sad, giving gifts cheers me up...
Soooo in honor of hitting 200 followers on my Blog so I'm giving away a Prize...
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