Friday, June 15, 2012

Etsy Alchemy Order: 2 Art Tags

I've had a couple of Alchemy requests on Etsy and today  was able to get one of them ready...
The origional 'Salt Water Cure' tag was a Blonde in a Green Dress and the request was for: 
Brown Hair and an Aqua Dress as well as Black Hair and a Pink Dress.
Took a bit of fidgeting to get the stamps to go where I needed them to, as close as possible to the original tag design, but it got figured out. 
I must say the client's color choices are stunning!

These are the *New* Tags:

The Original Tag on top and the *New* Tags underneath:

Black Hair (and several shades of grey for depth) and Pink Dress:

Brown Hair and Aqua Dress:

Best Part:
Getting my hands messy after sooo long away from the Studio!

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