Monday, June 25, 2012

The Red Key: My Vision Quest

On Friday we were asked to 'Declare Our Quest'...

The concept of vision quest comes for many traditions, and one of the most familiar ones comes from the Native American practices. Here at Cosmic Cowgirls we create a weaving of many traditions to create a powerful call that includes creativity, connection and community. For us the quest has the following ingredients and many more!
1. SEEK: A call to go IN after something you want/need/long for/seek
2. ACT: Action you are willing to take to make the journey in the form of creative practices
3. DESIRE: Passionate hope for an illumination/insight/revelation on the journey
4. CONNECTION: The sense that you are a part of something bigger - a tribe that you run with.
5. LAS PROMESAS: The promise to yourself that you will stay on the path, be present to what is unfolding and to ask your sisters for support when you need it.
The inner Shield Maiden in me *demanded* a sigil and shield design upon the mention of Quest-ing. My Muse was in full agreement... apparently. This just flowed together...
The main base design was some FREE Heraldry Wings Shield Vector Art, found here:
There were 8 different styles to choose from. (GO GET IT!)
Hand drew the sun, colored it with markers and then stamped and heat embossed the Key and Crown. Cut and Pasted my 'Declaration of Quest' straight from the board message thread and font-fied it. (TolkienUncialMF) 
Now I will have it at-hand in my Book of Legends.
My Muse is Happy, My inner Shield Maiden is ready to embark.

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