Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 160

Late... late... late...
Another 'White Rabbit' day for me!
But not yet too late for WOYWW over at:
Pop over and check out what everyone else is up to this week!

This was my desk 1st thing this morning... 
It's been cleared, messed up, cleared and messed up again since then. 
As I said... a busy day!
What was out was COFFEE, of course... that's how the rest of the sh-tuff today got done. 
*wink wink*
Also last night I was printing out new Thank-You cards for Poet's Vision Aussie Rescue... I help in the small ways I can... One is by making sure those that help with Animal Transport, Donations of time, fund or material goods and fosters get Thanked via snail-mail. The other is being a Foster home... though at present we are in the process of foster-failing... We're keeping Ayva! She wormed her way into our hearts. So stuffing and stamping envelopes to have ready-to-go was 1st up this morning. 
The rest is the usual mess of sh-tuff...
I haven't killed the Polka-Dot Plant... yet. ;O)

The rest of the day was spent making ATC's for a swap I'm late on form May. er... was due right when the pain was the worst and we didn't have a Fibromyalgia diagnosis. Drugs... drugs... drugs aren't good for creative en-devours, only LOTS of sleep. lol The Lyrica is FAN-tastic!!! Feeling better and better as each day goes by...

Speaking of, the other thing that ate my day was taking pictures for this:
Lousy health makes me sad, giving gifts cheers me up...
Soooo in honor of hitting 200 followers on my Blog so I'm giving away a Prize...
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