Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book of Days: June 20 -27th

Less pictures than usual. Not sure what the frek happened, I was *sure* I was taking pictures as I went along, but there are none in the camera and none in the 'puter. I even had to go-back and take some of the 1st ones *after* the full spread was done. *le sigh* Meds are great for the pain but totally frying my memory apparently... what are we doing here again??? Blogging! yeeeeeah that's right... lol

The 16th Multi Day Spread is DONE!
Finished with June 27th:

June 20th:
WOYWW 'cheater' Day

June 21st:
So tired I stamped the 22nd... oops. 
Summer Solstice! 
Used some clip art for the front...
 Misted a stencil and journaled on the back.

June 22nd:
 My MUSE wanted RED hair it seems... 
Dyed it on the 18th and though it was supposed to be a Deep Auburn it's very-very RED... Ruby Red in fact. 'Let' Greg take some pictures of the *new* hair.

June 23rd:
Starting to turn The Red Key. 

June 23rd:
Full Spread

June 24th:
Tea with my Muse...
Lead to an UBER productive day of pages and projects.

June 24th:
Full Spread

June 25th:
Teacher Gift put-together day.
Added extras of the sh-tuff I printed to put on the Gift-Tags and added some Happy Mail for Journaling on. 

June 26th:
Con-GRAD-ulations to Arthur!
Grade 8 Grad ceremony day. 
So very-very proud!

June 26th:
Full Spread

June 27th:
WOYWW 'cheater' Day

Lousy health makes me sad, giving gifts cheers me up...
Soooo in honor of hitting 200 followers on my Blog so I'm giving away a Prize...
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