Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Red Key... *my* Book of Legends

The email read:

Greetings Beauties!
Here in the Red Key Quest there are going to be a ridiculous amount of options - limited only by the imaginations of our throng of muses (which is to say - unlimited!) There will be painting videos, art journaling, poetry prompts, sketching dates, radical action dares, scintillating community conversations - in writing and once a month on the phone. There will be daily teasing and tea - courtesy of your own muse and mine. Oh so many options!

But there is ONE option that is not optional. And that is creating what we've dubbed the Book of Legends. (The name - that's optional. But the journal - not!) We want you to have a place to hold your process. To communicate with your muse. To rant and woo and dribble and art and uncover and lament and well...whatever and whatevery that you need to do.

Your daily teases, and all writing, painting, and arting prompts are designed to be done in this journal. It's going to be our main touchstone. So let's get this party started by getting/making/claiming one! 
So that was the 1st step...
I have used the 8 1/2" X 11" Black Hardbound Pentalic Artist's Book I bought just after my Birthday... at the time I wondered 'Why?!',...
not my style, didn't need it etc...
Now I know why!
Cut a piece of thick paper for the Cover Art.
Using inks, embossing powders and stamps I created this:

Stamps: Close to my Heart and Stampin' Up!
Inks: Pretty Colors and Stampin' Up!
Embossing Powder: Stampin' Up!
Pens: Sharpie and Signo Uniball
I rubbed ink, heat embossed and doodled away... even smeared the 'fire' on the key with my bare fingers... so under all that heat embossing I've left my fingerprints. lol 
Close up of Cover Art:

Do so love an aged look so after sealing the cover with spray, I flipped the book over and sprayed it here and there... This creates a bleached spots, some chemical reaction between the spray and the pleather.
Love it!

Inside Front Cover...
Dangerous Territory (reading from the Cosmic Cowgirls site)
Printed out, cut to fit, inked and glued in.
Always at hand, ready to remind.

 Inside Back Cover...
The Bond of Sacred and Irreverent
We are here to unfold out own legends
(two more readings from the site)

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