Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wallack's Warehouse *happy-happy* Sale!!! Haul-Report.

HUGE Thank-You to Stephanie Guimond for posting in the Creative Ottawa Facebook Group about the Wallacks' Warehouse Sale over at City Center yesterday. 
So hope we can get there earlier next year because it was FAB-u-LOUS!

Sale was on from 9 AM -6 PM... Greg had to work 8:30 AM -4:30 PM.
His last route ended downtown and the car was parked waaaaay out at the east end St. Laurent Depot (he drives for OCTranspo, our local City Bus). 
Though his route ran late by 10 minutes... He managed to get to the car, drive someone that needed dropping at Baseline Station there and get home here (Pinecrest/Baseline) by 5:35.
Then we fleeeeeeeew to City Center. Made it there and in the door by 5:50 PM. 
He DESERVES a Big ol'Medal!
Then we rush-shopped in tandem for the 10 minutes that was left. 
Greg knows what I like/need so I trust him completely to grab and go for my tastes. 
He's awesome.

Hoping some of this helps heal my ailing Muse. 
Caran D'Ache goodies, Books, Pens, Paint brushes and LOTS of sticky stuff....
Oh My!
Final Haul... the whole lot.

Scrap City Book: Retail $35.95 --> paid $3
Kids Costume Book:  Retail $12.95 --> paid $3
2 pack Moleskin Plain-Page Journals: Retail $22.00 --> paid $5
3 Mousepad Jotter Pads: Paid 50¢ each 

 4 Big Bottle of various Glass & Tile Primer/Mediums: 50¢ each
3 smaller ones: 25¢ each
2 small bottle of decoupage sealer: 25¢ each
Big bottle of Acrylic Solvent: Retail $19.50 --> paid $2
Krylon Dulling Spray: $2 (steampunk!!!)
5 Markers/Pens (staedler, Sharpie, Gelly Roll-Sakura): 25¢ each
Red Glass paint:  Retail $4.33 --> paid 25¢ (makes great 'blood')
Ribbon Trim: 50¢
Paint Brush single:  Retail $12.50 --> paid $2
Set of 12 brushes and Case: $9.99
Small Case: $1.99

All the Glass & Tile stuff is so I can experiment with the Pool Tiles we picked up for FREE at last weeks FreeCycle Give-Away Weekend. 
Glossy White 4" X 4" --->104 in the box. 

Glue anyone???
This was Greg's find for me. :O) Love the man.
14 Large + 16 Medium +2 extra-strength small = 32 total: 25¢ each

 More sticky stuff...
2 refill-able glue-roller holders + 2 refills: $1 each
Retail $10.63 down to $8.99 --> paid $1 on those holders, geeze!

 Saving my favorite goodies for last!
Caran D'Ache 30 Pablo Pencil crayons: Retail $100 --> paid $30
Caran D'Ache 15 Pablo Pencil crayons:  Retail $50 --> paid $15
Caran D'Ache 24 Neopastels:  Retail $65 --> paid $15
2  10pc Dry Media pencil sets: Retail $10--> paid $2 each
18 pc Acrylics: Retail $15 --> paid $6.99
Just about DIED when I saw the tagging on those pencils... *swoon*

Pretty fricken' Happy with THAT 10 minutes of shopping, I must say! 
Now if I can just get my body feeling better so all the new goodies can go to good use...
Have dreeeeamed of Caran D'Ache but being the poor artist who re-uses junk and others leftovers, ner'thought I'd own any all of mine own.
Would need to guess on some of the retail prices that weren't marked...
That was over $500 (Greg said about $530-540-ish) in Retail for $139.52. 
Whoo hoo!
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