Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Zipping away this morning before I have to pack up my supplies to get the house ready for Church tonight (we host our lil' Home Group on Wednesdays).
Today I did:
From Screen 2 Scrap! Challenge: Little Miss Sunshine
Little Miss Sunshine
Added criteria:
1) Must use yellow on the page, either the title, base cardstock or photo matt = 1 bonus point Check!
2) Must use as part of your title 'Little Miss'....... or 'Little Master'....... Example: Little Miss Happy. Little Master Grumpy or Little Miss Megan or Little Master Connor = 1 bonus point Check!
3) **Movie Diva Demand** for an extra 3 bonus points.... give me either a car, truck, train or van somewhere on the page
Total bonus points for the month = 5 bonus points Check!

ARTastic Challenge: St.Nicholas Circle

St Nicholas Circle criteria

Added criteria - Each item added to your page = 1 bonus point

1) Lamp Check!
2) Arrowed sign post Check!
3) Bridge Check!
4) Rotunda/Gazebo Check!
5) Green roofed house Check!
Total = 5 points

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