Thursday, April 22, 2010

ScrapFIT #18... 2 page LO, No title...

"Things are better in 2's!"
Create a 2 page LO using some Jillibean Soup if you have it. PLUS, your LO needs to NOT have a title!!

I don't have any Jillibean Soup, but I'd sure love to win some! ;O)

2 Pages together:

Page 1:
Today, Saturday April 19th 2008. sometime between the hours of 07:15 and 08:30 AM a crime was committed...
The crime was the snarfing of several apples... then compounded by not finishing any of them.
Best estimate is 7-8 apples ruthlessly mauled and disposed of by these 2 little criminals.
Rules that were broken:
1. NO ONE is allowed to enter the kitchen until there is an adult on scene in the AM hours.
2. YOU take it, YOU finish it.
Reason Crime was discovered:
Some of the evidence found in the trash this morning:
Crime Scene #1: The Fruit Bowl
As you can see there were 4 apples last night when the adults retired, there are now 2.
Crime Scene #2:
Again several pieces of fruit are missing from the left-hand Fruit Bin.

Page 2:
A closer look at the most incriminating evidence:
Yes indeed that is the infamous 'blankie' belonging to Perp #1, abandoned at the scene. Closed right up in the fridge.
Perp #1... hanging himself with the evidence he himself left behind thus incriminating him:
There were 2 individuals involved and the evidence co-oberated the firthand witness reports.
Perp #1 (of the fridge) along with Perp #2 (of the fruit bowl):
They look soooo guilty don;t they?
Look at those shifty eyes:
Time spent incarcerated on the stiars.
Mommy is blogging this...
Then scrapbooking it...
THEN in years time showing the GIRLFRIENDS!

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