Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trip-y Scrapbook Pages 9 + 1...

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I'm still slugging away cleaning out the office/craft room so not time to be 'making'.
I did get a few moments to snap some pictures of the Scrapbook Pages I made on my trip 2 weekends ago... funny it feels like I've been back longer than that already...
*wistful sigh*

In no particular order...


Lots of rub-ons here; under the title and all interwoven on the 'mess' in the corner.
Mess is stapled on ribbons and shoelaces I got at the $ store, they were just so Funky!
Purple slides were clear ones... I painted the backs purple. I lost several hours waiting for paint to dry, but it was worth it!

Serious Arthur
Staples, staples and more staples... I'm so glad to use up the last of that neon green ribbon. I bought it years ago and have used it on soooo many things. Nice to see it GONE.
The Telephone buttons were magnets I got at the $ store... I just thought they were so cool. Had to have 'em! I attached them with 3D Crystal Lacquer I doodled with on the paper, then pressed them in. This was also another 'waiting to dry' project. ;O)
Lots of little trims from everywhere...
Tattered Angels bingo card, circle words from $ store, snipped up some Say it with Crystals to make it go further on the page, Chipboard larger circles and velum shapes, wire swirls, mess circle tag, Serious Sticker...
Lots of sh-tuff from the stash.

Coffee Theif (Thief)
Rotten little Hope... stealing my morning brew!
Glimmer Misted Coffee filter in the back and handmade pulp paper, coffee theme rub-ons and wooden accents, Coffee 'spills & circles' from a Close To My Heart stamp set.

Cool Dude...nice set of wheels!
These are the pictures from Greg's (my fiance) Bus Graduation. He recently got hired as a City Bus Driver (whoo hoo!!! solid job, GREAT pay!).
Another mish-mash of stash sh-tuff...
Rub-on letters, stickers, metal 'enjoy the journey' tag... sh-tuff.

NOT the Easter Bunny...
I HAD to have the BUNNY paper and stickers as soon as I saw them on my trip... I'sa Wuv bunnies!!! Too much. *blushing* and this is the cutest paper!!!
All sticker embellishments.

da boys!

This is one of my favorite pages... it just flew together when I was up at 5AM the Saturday.
Cogs, Cogs and more Cogs... and some screws.
Little Yellow Bicycle Lacey Cardstock (nom nom), cardstock 'vintage' embellishments, screw head brads, mesh metal tag and metal flower. The cogs are all appliance-rescues (mostly VCR) and the Big Blue ones, I love this!!!, are from my Mono-Adhesive tape runners.
How cool is that?!

Your my lil'Superman.
William in flight... almost.
Themed sticker sheet, I cut out the 'shape' for journaling and some Say it with Crystals 'flight smoke'.

Halloween 2008
Yup... I'm always behind.
Mix of Cardstock embellishments, Say it with Studs, Glitter Stickers and some Mulberry Paper.

Halloween 2009
I was on a roll...
REAL mix of sh-tuff. Dimensional Stickers, Glitter Chipboard and cardstock embellishments, and another snipped up Say it with Crystals.

Page 10...
Not a Keeper!

This is a gift for 2 friends of ours who got engaged.
We were blessed to be invited to 'the proposal' and of course, I had a camera in hand! ;O)
The proposal was at the Art Gallery so there's lots and lots of paint on this page, around the edges and behind the elements.
Their 'colors' are also bright green & orange, one color each.
The rings were tied to a Sunflower... got that.
...and I also incorporated a 'Bird' theme in because while were at the gallery a Pigeon had snuck in! It was quite comical watching the staff, the whole time trying to coax it into a box to shuttle it back to the great outdoors.
I didn't fill in the journal block, I've left that for them and I still have to frame it before gifting.

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