Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HAPPY 100th Post!!! (Party Gifts within!)

Scrapbooking is Cheaper than Therapy... is at it's 100th Post!
And the Party Gifts are for YOU!!!

I've reached into my stash and put together 3 Prize packs of Goodies.
The Vintage Lace & Calico Ribbons in all of them are at least 12" long,
in almost all cases much, much longer...

I was generous!
Picked these items up at an auction; a lady that owned a Craft/Sewing store in the 40/50's had died leaving a house full of sh-tuff for her family to deal with.
I got 6 BIG boxes of ribbons, lace and sewing goodies for a Fab price.
Happy to share!!!

Prize Pack #1:
When Scrapbooking is Cheaper than Therapy... reaches 100 Followers on Google/Blogger,
I'll draw for this Pack.


~Heartwarming Vintage Cuts-Adventure & Travel
~Heidi Grace Icons Rub-Ons -Midnight Kisses
~Daisy Bucket Rub-Ons -Sentiments and Hello
~DCWV Round White Tin Album
TONS of Vintage Lace & Calico Ribbons

Prize Pack #2:
When Scrapbooking is Cheaper than Therapy... reaches 100 Followers on NetworkedBlogs,
I'll draw for this Pack.

~Heartwarming Vintage Cuts-Friendship & Flowers
~Heidi Grace Icons Rub-Ons -Midnight Kisses
~Daisy Bucket Rub-Ons -Family and Dance
~DCWV White Round Tin Album
TONS of Vintage Lace & Calico Ribbons.

Prize Pack #3:
1ooth Blog Post... Just leave a comment on this post!
So easy!!!
I'll be drawing in a week on Wednesday April 28th.

~Heartwarming Vintage Stickers-Wonderful Women (I LOVE this set!)
~DCWV Rub-Ons -Black Flowers
~Daisy Bucket Rub-Ons -Song Bird, {Bucket} and Think
~DCWV Black Square Tin Albums

~TONS of Vintage Lace & Calico Ribbons.

My weekend away was wooooonderful!
I left at 9:30 AM with one of my bestest buds, Stephanie, after Greg got home from work. Greg also brought me my last, true taste of GOOD coffee. I'm still in awe of the fact that Cornwall has such a huge Meeting facility and NO Starbucks... what's with that?! lol. That's OK, I brought my own Starbucks to brew in the lil' coffeemaker we each have in our room. ;O) I will not do without!
We stopped at Scrap City before we hit NavCan.

They always have cheap prices, and NO tax because it's on the Indian Reserve but WOW... they also had a 35% off EVERYTHING sale when we got there.
wow. wow. wow.
I bought a lot!
I'll try to gather it all together (what I didn't already use during the trip) and get some pictures soon. Greg loves me lots (apparently!) 'cause he sent me off with $200 for the weekend for spending on supplies AND another $300 JIC... lol.
The man knows me.
I spent almost $130 (sale price) at Scrap City. I got lots because I combed through all the mark-downs (which were already 50% off then ADD the 35% additional off the 50% off price!), as I said I got LOTS!

This was the kind of sale you need a cigarette and/or a cold shower afterwards.
Then we went on to the NavCan center. Some of the ladies got there earlier and they'd already started setting their sh-tuff out. There were 20 of us in total.
This was My Mess:

Meals were served Cafeteria Style...
NO cooking, No cleaning...
the dishes just whisk away on a conveyor belt... like Magic!
Nothing to think about but Scrapbooking.
I hit the other store Auntie Em's, no wonder sale there but a ton of Tim Holtz sh-tuff I havn't been able to find here in Ottawa and LOTS of bits & pieces for SteamPunk crafts.
(Again, I'll get pictures once I re-gather.)
I was good (-ish) in total I 'only' spent $240 (-ish) on supplies.

I've got to re-do the pics I took of the 14 pages I got made. I snapped quick, not great ones to post on FaceBook so Greg could show the boys I was working away... lol. Honest!

This is the page that took the longest... almost 6 hours.
A lot of that was waiting for Glimmer Mist or 3D Crystal Lacquer to dry. (*sigh* boooring!)
I'm really, really, really happy with how it turned out though...
The picture was taken at our Handfasting Betrothal Ceremony by Jacquie Thomas (my future Maid of Honour), she got some lovely shots but I Love-love-love this one bestest... :O)

The Heart Clock is ScrapFX... I cannot get enough of their stuff! I want it all...
I sprayed it over & over & over in about 10 different colors of Glimmer Mist.
Same with the scrap of Vintage Lace.

The Time for Love is a Tattered Angels Calling Card, the Journaling Card is from Tres Jolie... both liberally Glimmer Misted & the Clock was 3D Crystal Lacquered.

Prima Flowers and Say it With Crystals... Ba Bling!!!

More Vintage Lace, Glimmer Misted, framing the Photo.
The Background is from the DCWV Happily Ever After 12X12 Stack...

I will stop babbling on and let you get to spreading the word...
There are PRIZES to be Had!
Happy 100th Post Scrapbooking is Cheaper than Therapy!!!!
Thank-You Readers,
~Sarah Elliott~
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