Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gutter Girlz #36

Messy Topic... Messy Page...
This is for Gutter Girls Prompt #36: It's No Secret...
Once I read the Song Prompt Lyrics this time I knew what I wanted to do... a page on my S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) for my All About Me album.
I started with a few of the lyrics and the title, then did some site trolling for the 'right' wording re: depression.
Then I was stash hunting and found a rather whimsical piece of paper (I had sad, happy, sassy and a few others...) I scratched up the photo, inked and sprayed the journaling (messy, messy) then I used a paint brush to wet the edges of the paper and sanded the ever, luvin' heck out of it to get some good grungy-mess goin'...
My work table is a pulpy disaster right now, lol.
Then attached the mucked up page to another sheet (also inked and sprayed).
Pretty happy with the results (ironically, lol)... now I just need to clean up my mess! :O)

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