Monday, April 12, 2010

Last post today... PROMISE!!!

lol... sorry for the Blog over-load.
I'm trying to cram in all my Challenge sh-tuff early on so I can finish packing up my supplies for my Weekend Long Scrapbook Trip.

I'm going with a bunch of Scrappin' Gal Pals to a retreat center an hour away from us in Cornwall, called Nav-Can. We all get a ROOM TO OURSELVES, they are converted dorms, it used to be a training center for military pilots. All the meals... are included, it's 'come when it's served' cafeteria style. Plus we're all sharing a HUGE meeting room, a table and 1/2 each to spread our cr@p out & crop! Chatter (umm... maaaaybe booze), laughter, stories and stress-free creating time to be had by all.
No kids.
No significant others.
No dishes.
No cleaning.
No responsibilities.
There are also 2 big scrappin' stores near there. Including one on the Indian Reserve so you only have to pay 1 tax. woot!

I. Can't. Wait.
So anywho... :O)
These are 2 Art Journal pages for Heart the Art
#14 Amazed

#15 Searching for...

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