Friday, April 23, 2010

Freeeeeaky Friday...

In a mooooood today...
It's just been one. of. those. weeks. with my 4 boys driving me slowly insane.
Not any 1 thing just many, many little things chipping away bit by bit...
The fact that my fiance has been working early afternoons to late morning, then coming home to sleep til noon (so he can do it all again) hasn't helped much.
I'm solo-parenting this week and it looks like next week too.
So... I looked at the list of projects I wanted to get done and decided to vent myself on a few of the creepier options... why not? Art is Therapy!

This is my Arch for Art on the Darkside: Fear Itself
HUGE thank you to Elizabeth at The last door... down the hall for the Template... it was poi-fect!
I found the image online, printed it off faint... sprayed it LIBERALLY in 2 red Glimmer Mists and a bit of gold. Black inked the outside edges.
The Quote:
Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat
it is a basic mechanism occurring
in response to a specific stimulus,
such as pain or the threat of danger.
The quote was coated again, LIBERALLY in 3D Crystal Lacquer, when it was partly dry I tipped it up to let it drip.

This is an Artist Postcard for Darkness Inspiration: Bewitched
Clip-Art Glitzed up with Martha Stewart Glitter on 3D Crystal Lacquer.
Background also sprayed in 2 red Glimmer Mists.
I really like the look on her face... so... so... Bewitching... lol.

Artist Postcard for Haunted Design House Macabre Monday #35: Walking Dead Divas (HDH035)
I shimmered her face up with Pearl White Lumiere, painted (yup, dipped a brush in it, instead of spraying) her eyes, lips and the Rose with Glimmer Mist. Then I 3D Crystal Lacquered her lips and the blood pools on the Rose. When the 3DCL was dry I painted some more red Glimmer Mist on the blood and her lips.
Good to the last bite...

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