Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Drum Roll Please...

fairyrocks said... WOW Sarah, you have been busy!!!
Love your 6 hour page, somewhat of a glimmer 'ho' myself LOL.
Terrific RAKS, love that you are out of control at a sale (speaks to my heart too)
Keep smiling and creating

Your going home with Prize Pack #3:

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Still needs more Followers to draw for Prize Packs #1 and #2.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trip-y Scrapbook Pages 9 + 1...

Today's the LAST DAY for getting your comment added to Post 100...
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I'll draw the winner when I get up tomorrow morning.

I'm still slugging away cleaning out the office/craft room so not time to be 'making'.
I did get a few moments to snap some pictures of the Scrapbook Pages I made on my trip 2 weekends ago... funny it feels like I've been back longer than that already...
*wistful sigh*

In no particular order...


Lots of rub-ons here; under the title and all interwoven on the 'mess' in the corner.
Mess is stapled on ribbons and shoelaces I got at the $ store, they were just so Funky!
Purple slides were clear ones... I painted the backs purple. I lost several hours waiting for paint to dry, but it was worth it!

Serious Arthur
Staples, staples and more staples... I'm so glad to use up the last of that neon green ribbon. I bought it years ago and have used it on soooo many things. Nice to see it GONE.
The Telephone buttons were magnets I got at the $ store... I just thought they were so cool. Had to have 'em! I attached them with 3D Crystal Lacquer I doodled with on the paper, then pressed them in. This was also another 'waiting to dry' project. ;O)
Lots of little trims from everywhere...
Tattered Angels bingo card, circle words from $ store, snipped up some Say it with Crystals to make it go further on the page, Chipboard larger circles and velum shapes, wire swirls, mess circle tag, Serious Sticker...
Lots of sh-tuff from the stash.

Coffee Theif (Thief)
Rotten little Hope... stealing my morning brew!
Glimmer Misted Coffee filter in the back and handmade pulp paper, coffee theme rub-ons and wooden accents, Coffee 'spills & circles' from a Close To My Heart stamp set.

Cool Dude...nice set of wheels!
These are the pictures from Greg's (my fiance) Bus Graduation. He recently got hired as a City Bus Driver (whoo hoo!!! solid job, GREAT pay!).
Another mish-mash of stash sh-tuff...
Rub-on letters, stickers, metal 'enjoy the journey' tag... sh-tuff.

NOT the Easter Bunny...
I HAD to have the BUNNY paper and stickers as soon as I saw them on my trip... I'sa Wuv bunnies!!! Too much. *blushing* and this is the cutest paper!!!
All sticker embellishments.

da boys!

This is one of my favorite pages... it just flew together when I was up at 5AM the Saturday.
Cogs, Cogs and more Cogs... and some screws.
Little Yellow Bicycle Lacey Cardstock (nom nom), cardstock 'vintage' embellishments, screw head brads, mesh metal tag and metal flower. The cogs are all appliance-rescues (mostly VCR) and the Big Blue ones, I love this!!!, are from my Mono-Adhesive tape runners.
How cool is that?!

Your my lil'Superman.
William in flight... almost.
Themed sticker sheet, I cut out the 'shape' for journaling and some Say it with Crystals 'flight smoke'.

Halloween 2008
Yup... I'm always behind.
Mix of Cardstock embellishments, Say it with Studs, Glitter Stickers and some Mulberry Paper.

Halloween 2009
I was on a roll...
REAL mix of sh-tuff. Dimensional Stickers, Glitter Chipboard and cardstock embellishments, and another snipped up Say it with Crystals.

Page 10...
Not a Keeper!

This is a gift for 2 friends of ours who got engaged.
We were blessed to be invited to 'the proposal' and of course, I had a camera in hand! ;O)
The proposal was at the Art Gallery so there's lots and lots of paint on this page, around the edges and behind the elements.
Their 'colors' are also bright green & orange, one color each.
The rings were tied to a Sunflower... got that.
...and I also incorporated a 'Bird' theme in because while were at the gallery a Pigeon had snuck in! It was quite comical watching the staff, the whole time trying to coax it into a box to shuttle it back to the great outdoors.
I didn't fill in the journal block, I've left that for them and I still have to frame it before gifting.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Art Journal Pages and a Horn-TOOT!!!

First my TOOT!!!!
My Emotional Vampire page won over at Dirty Scraps... I'm so surprised! There were some really cool LO's this time. But I'm happy and honoured!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeal!!!*

lol... ok, on to the Art Journals...

This was for Prompt #16: Ephemera at Heart the Art
I sacrificed a vintage sewing pattern, instructions and the package... I LOVE the look!


This is for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal Prompt: Move
I used the lyrics for Move Along by The All-American Rejects.
This was a page I used as a spray background for another project... so the green 'frame' is me being frugal. I then stenciled some swirls on with paint splatter, to meet the paint requirement of the challenge. Then some Heidi Grace Rub-Ons, they had gotten crushed on my trip so they were all cracked. Waste not, Want not... I think they made this page 'work.
Journaling in super-fine sharpie, about how this was my 'mantra' song during the time I was getting getting out of my abusive marriage.

and finally...
This is for Your Life Spelled Out Prompt: Free
I started by layering & layering on paint and ripped papers (think I got about 3 layers deep), then I attached one of our weekly Grocery shopping receipts... this was actually a pretty small one... lol. I washed more paint over the receipt before I started journaling and added a couple of $ -sign Blings.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello Monday...

Good Morning... I hope the sun is shining on your piece of the planet. It is in mine!
Though I doubt I'm going to get much chance to enjoy it.
Today begins the pack-up/de-gunge of the office/craft room. The new paint is bought and I want to get it painted while we're still in 'open window' rather than 'air conditioner' season.
Looking forward to it being done, but not the doing part... lol

Both images for these projects were supplied by *The Graphics Fairy*,
one of my favorite places to roam on the internet.

Artist Postcard for Collage Obsessions Challenge #14: Flowers... I felt the need to do a little 'Spring'... the Lily-of-the-Valley were just sooo sweet. I trimmed them and mounted them on another piece of pattern paper, lightly sanded it all to age it a bit. Then I used watered down White Pearl Lumiere to shimmer the flowers and the strip on the left.
Remember... to stop and smell the flowers. Always good advice.

This is an Inchie for the Small World of Inchies & Twinchies Challenge: Rosy Cheeks.
This lil lady looked a bit flustered to me, or is that flushed...? *wink* waving herself off with her fan... My Oh My!
I started with a 1" square of heavy shimmery brown cardstock, covered in some Vintage Lace, then topped with lil' Miss. I inked around the heart and traced over the swirls with a super-fine Sharpie.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gutter Girlz #36

Messy Topic... Messy Page...
This is for Gutter Girls Prompt #36: It's No Secret...
Once I read the Song Prompt Lyrics this time I knew what I wanted to do... a page on my S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) for my All About Me album.
I started with a few of the lyrics and the title, then did some site trolling for the 'right' wording re: depression.
Then I was stash hunting and found a rather whimsical piece of paper (I had sad, happy, sassy and a few others...) I scratched up the photo, inked and sprayed the journaling (messy, messy) then I used a paint brush to wet the edges of the paper and sanded the ever, luvin' heck out of it to get some good grungy-mess goin'...
My work table is a pulpy disaster right now, lol.
Then attached the mucked up page to another sheet (also inked and sprayed).
Pretty happy with the results (ironically, lol)... now I just need to clean up my mess! :O)

We have a Dust Bunny... really!

My input for The Color Room Palette #3...
I'm just loving their color challenge!
The pictures are of our Bunny, Hope... she isn't able to pull this trick anymore she um... has got a lot more Junk in her Trunk than she used to have, if ya get my drift... lol.
Grunged it up by sanding everything and then dry brushing paint around the edges.
I wanted a 'couch feel' to this page... pattern paper in a couch-y design, stitch rub-ons, fabric covered brads and (paper) lace doilies!
Beware of Cute Dust Bunny...
-lurking under the couch!
Hope is one of a kind...
If you hear a rustle under the couch it's our Dust Bunny... Hope.

Quick reminder:
100th Post Blog Candy:
Get some!

Pair of SteamPunk 4X4's...

Feeling a little SteamPunk-y today...
Kids are um... present,
so no biggie projects til bed time (for them!)
I did get a couple of 4X4's done though.

This is for the Three Muse, Week 47: Hats and Crowns and Wings and Things
That Prompt just screamed 'STEAMPUNK PROJECT' to me... ;O)
Everything here has been Glimmer Mist-ed.
~Hat in Charcoal
~Background in Tuscan Sun
~Heart & Hat Band in Scarlett
~Wings in Creme de Cacao
~Crown in Pumpkin.
~Letter also brushed lightly with Pumpkin
Wings and Crown are coated in 3D Crystal Lacquer
Hat Band embellished with watch bits... cog, gears ' sh-tuff, topped with a heart.
Gotta Love Steampunk!

This is for 4X4 Friday: Cityscape, the sample was SteamPunk...
which got me thinking! lol
I started with a printed image I sprayed liberally with Tuscan Sun Glimmer Mist over Tim Holtz Cog Masks, I wanted it real wet and runny.
Once that was dry I did a packing tape transfer with the image over brown Kraft Paper.
I love the mist-y way it turned out.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Freeeeeaky Friday...

In a mooooood today...
It's just been one. of. those. weeks. with my 4 boys driving me slowly insane.
Not any 1 thing just many, many little things chipping away bit by bit...
The fact that my fiance has been working early afternoons to late morning, then coming home to sleep til noon (so he can do it all again) hasn't helped much.
I'm solo-parenting this week and it looks like next week too.
So... I looked at the list of projects I wanted to get done and decided to vent myself on a few of the creepier options... why not? Art is Therapy!

This is my Arch for Art on the Darkside: Fear Itself
HUGE thank you to Elizabeth at The last door... down the hall for the Template... it was poi-fect!
I found the image online, printed it off faint... sprayed it LIBERALLY in 2 red Glimmer Mists and a bit of gold. Black inked the outside edges.
The Quote:
Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat
it is a basic mechanism occurring
in response to a specific stimulus,
such as pain or the threat of danger.
The quote was coated again, LIBERALLY in 3D Crystal Lacquer, when it was partly dry I tipped it up to let it drip.

This is an Artist Postcard for Darkness Inspiration: Bewitched
Clip-Art Glitzed up with Martha Stewart Glitter on 3D Crystal Lacquer.
Background also sprayed in 2 red Glimmer Mists.
I really like the look on her face... so... so... Bewitching... lol.

Artist Postcard for Haunted Design House Macabre Monday #35: Walking Dead Divas (HDH035)
I shimmered her face up with Pearl White Lumiere, painted (yup, dipped a brush in it, instead of spraying) her eyes, lips and the Rose with Glimmer Mist. Then I 3D Crystal Lacquered her lips and the blood pools on the Rose. When the 3DCL was dry I painted some more red Glimmer Mist on the blood and her lips.
Good to the last bite...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

3 'little' Projects...

Today we went to the Wake for a very wonderful lady, who babysat my brother and I all through our early School Years. I've been crying on and off all day... bit out of sorts...
I sat down and did a few 'mini' projects to keep my thoughts & fingers from both being idle.
Yes, I do believe that Art makes for very good medicine. :O)

This is my 4X4 for this Weeks 4X4 Friday: Spring Garden.
I love seeing the Crocus' popping their pretty little faces through the dull winter grass...
That's Spring to me!
Pink Mulberry Paper, Clip-Art from an old Garden book and the flowers are shimmered up with a light coating of Pearl White Lumiere.

An Artist Postcard for the Collage Obsession: Beach Challenge.
The towel is Mulberry Paper, sun part of a sticker I doodled over, water bottle & beach ball are stickers... and the whole kit & kaboodle was sprayed with Tuscan Sun Glimmer Mist, to get that Warm Golden Summer Glow.

Another Artist Postcard for Art Creations Friday: #71
I 'tinted' the little girl with washed out paints, sprayed the background in 2 shades of Green Glimmer Mist, the bucket is painted with Silver 3D Crystal Lacquer and the flower centers are Gold 3D Crystal Lacquer.

Happy Berf-Day to The Copy and Paste Project!!!

It's Party time over at The Copy and Paste Project.
What better way to celebrate than with...
They are looking for 2 guests to help celebrate... I decided to enter the best way I know how: With Mixed Media Project!
This tasty lil'lovely was inspired by the quote provided...
I rescued a cake topper from the recycle bin and smothered it in Relief Plaster tinted with Pink Acrylics, White Pearl Lumiere and liberally seasoned with GLITTER both in and on the 'icing'!
...and yes the candle is real. :O)
Happy Birthday!!!

ScrapFIT #18... 2 page LO, No title...

"Things are better in 2's!"
Create a 2 page LO using some Jillibean Soup if you have it. PLUS, your LO needs to NOT have a title!!

I don't have any Jillibean Soup, but I'd sure love to win some! ;O)

2 Pages together:

Page 1:
Today, Saturday April 19th 2008. sometime between the hours of 07:15 and 08:30 AM a crime was committed...
The crime was the snarfing of several apples... then compounded by not finishing any of them.
Best estimate is 7-8 apples ruthlessly mauled and disposed of by these 2 little criminals.
Rules that were broken:
1. NO ONE is allowed to enter the kitchen until there is an adult on scene in the AM hours.
2. YOU take it, YOU finish it.
Reason Crime was discovered:
Some of the evidence found in the trash this morning:
Crime Scene #1: The Fruit Bowl
As you can see there were 4 apples last night when the adults retired, there are now 2.
Crime Scene #2:
Again several pieces of fruit are missing from the left-hand Fruit Bin.

Page 2:
A closer look at the most incriminating evidence:
Yes indeed that is the infamous 'blankie' belonging to Perp #1, abandoned at the scene. Closed right up in the fridge.
Perp #1... hanging himself with the evidence he himself left behind thus incriminating him:
There were 2 individuals involved and the evidence co-oberated the firthand witness reports.
Perp #1 (of the fridge) along with Perp #2 (of the fruit bowl):
They look soooo guilty don;t they?
Look at those shifty eyes:
Time spent incarcerated on the stiars.
Mommy is blogging this...
Then scrapbooking it...
THEN in years time showing the GIRLFRIENDS!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HAPPY 100th Post!!! (Party Gifts within!)

Scrapbooking is Cheaper than Therapy... is at it's 100th Post!
And the Party Gifts are for YOU!!!

I've reached into my stash and put together 3 Prize packs of Goodies.
The Vintage Lace & Calico Ribbons in all of them are at least 12" long,
in almost all cases much, much longer...

I was generous!
Picked these items up at an auction; a lady that owned a Craft/Sewing store in the 40/50's had died leaving a house full of sh-tuff for her family to deal with.
I got 6 BIG boxes of ribbons, lace and sewing goodies for a Fab price.
Happy to share!!!

Prize Pack #1:
When Scrapbooking is Cheaper than Therapy... reaches 100 Followers on Google/Blogger,
I'll draw for this Pack.


~Heartwarming Vintage Cuts-Adventure & Travel
~Heidi Grace Icons Rub-Ons -Midnight Kisses
~Daisy Bucket Rub-Ons -Sentiments and Hello
~DCWV Round White Tin Album
TONS of Vintage Lace & Calico Ribbons

Prize Pack #2:
When Scrapbooking is Cheaper than Therapy... reaches 100 Followers on NetworkedBlogs,
I'll draw for this Pack.

~Heartwarming Vintage Cuts-Friendship & Flowers
~Heidi Grace Icons Rub-Ons -Midnight Kisses
~Daisy Bucket Rub-Ons -Family and Dance
~DCWV White Round Tin Album
TONS of Vintage Lace & Calico Ribbons.

Prize Pack #3:
1ooth Blog Post... Just leave a comment on this post!
So easy!!!
I'll be drawing in a week on Wednesday April 28th.

~Heartwarming Vintage Stickers-Wonderful Women (I LOVE this set!)
~DCWV Rub-Ons -Black Flowers
~Daisy Bucket Rub-Ons -Song Bird, {Bucket} and Think
~DCWV Black Square Tin Albums

~TONS of Vintage Lace & Calico Ribbons.

My weekend away was wooooonderful!
I left at 9:30 AM with one of my bestest buds, Stephanie, after Greg got home from work. Greg also brought me my last, true taste of GOOD coffee. I'm still in awe of the fact that Cornwall has such a huge Meeting facility and NO Starbucks... what's with that?! lol. That's OK, I brought my own Starbucks to brew in the lil' coffeemaker we each have in our room. ;O) I will not do without!
We stopped at Scrap City before we hit NavCan.

They always have cheap prices, and NO tax because it's on the Indian Reserve but WOW... they also had a 35% off EVERYTHING sale when we got there.
wow. wow. wow.
I bought a lot!
I'll try to gather it all together (what I didn't already use during the trip) and get some pictures soon. Greg loves me lots (apparently!) 'cause he sent me off with $200 for the weekend for spending on supplies AND another $300 JIC... lol.
The man knows me.
I spent almost $130 (sale price) at Scrap City. I got lots because I combed through all the mark-downs (which were already 50% off then ADD the 35% additional off the 50% off price!), as I said I got LOTS!

This was the kind of sale you need a cigarette and/or a cold shower afterwards.
Then we went on to the NavCan center. Some of the ladies got there earlier and they'd already started setting their sh-tuff out. There were 20 of us in total.
This was My Mess:

Meals were served Cafeteria Style...
NO cooking, No cleaning...
the dishes just whisk away on a conveyor belt... like Magic!
Nothing to think about but Scrapbooking.
I hit the other store Auntie Em's, no wonder sale there but a ton of Tim Holtz sh-tuff I havn't been able to find here in Ottawa and LOTS of bits & pieces for SteamPunk crafts.
(Again, I'll get pictures once I re-gather.)
I was good (-ish) in total I 'only' spent $240 (-ish) on supplies.

I've got to re-do the pics I took of the 14 pages I got made. I snapped quick, not great ones to post on FaceBook so Greg could show the boys I was working away... lol. Honest!

This is the page that took the longest... almost 6 hours.
A lot of that was waiting for Glimmer Mist or 3D Crystal Lacquer to dry. (*sigh* boooring!)
I'm really, really, really happy with how it turned out though...
The picture was taken at our Handfasting Betrothal Ceremony by Jacquie Thomas (my future Maid of Honour), she got some lovely shots but I Love-love-love this one bestest... :O)

The Heart Clock is ScrapFX... I cannot get enough of their stuff! I want it all...
I sprayed it over & over & over in about 10 different colors of Glimmer Mist.
Same with the scrap of Vintage Lace.

The Time for Love is a Tattered Angels Calling Card, the Journaling Card is from Tres Jolie... both liberally Glimmer Misted & the Clock was 3D Crystal Lacquered.

Prima Flowers and Say it With Crystals... Ba Bling!!!

More Vintage Lace, Glimmer Misted, framing the Photo.
The Background is from the DCWV Happily Ever After 12X12 Stack...

I will stop babbling on and let you get to spreading the word...
There are PRIZES to be Had!
Happy 100th Post Scrapbooking is Cheaper than Therapy!!!!
Thank-You Readers,
~Sarah Elliott~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm back, 99th post... and a Blog Hop!

I made it back Safe & Sound from my trip, which was AWESOME!

I got 14 layout pages completed...

I'll post pictures once I get a chance to unpack a bit & snap'em.
Reminder this is Post 99...

I've got the prize packs together, just need to snap pics of those too.
Will post all the goodies tomorrow!
3 ways to win:
1. 100th Post
(post a comment on the 100th post)
2. 100 Followers on Blogger
(as soon as I reach 100)
3. 100 Followers on NetworkedBlogs
(as soon as I reach 100)
3 ways to win!
So go forth... & spread the word!!!

The Hop is HERE at Clips-n-Cuts.
Vicky was celebrating her 100th blog post and started this fun ongoing blog hop of papercrafters. So join in the fun... it super easy:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

3... 2... 1... Countdown!

I don't have any sh-tuff to post until I get back... in fact I feel a little 'lost' today sitting here at my almost empty work space.
But 3 days of uninterrupted time awaits!!!

Well folks this is post 98...
that's just a mere 2 away from 100.

I've been thinking about what to do and I think I'm going to follow what a few fellow Bloggers have done, a RAK draw!!!
I will put together something fab while I'm away and post pictures and all the deets when I get back.
I will let you know I'm going to have 3 prizes...

1. 100th Post (post a comment on the post)

2. 100 Followers on Blogger (as soon as I reach that)
3. 100 Followers on NetworkedBlogs (as soon as I reach that)
3 ways to win!
So go forth... & spread the word!!!
Hope everyone has as good a weekend as I plan to have.
I'll see you on the Flip-Side of the weekend!!!

Much Love,


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dirty Scraps #7... DRAMA QUEEN!

Got my layout done for Dirty Scraps #7: Drama!
This is about that person we all have in our lives... I finally managed to 'stake' mine but I'm sure there will be others.
The scrunched papers are soaked in Glimmer Mist; whenever I over spray I wipe up the dribbles with a clean white sheet of paper... keep adding and eventually wind up with something pretty cool. Waste not, Want not!
I ripped, I inked, I scrunched, I bashed the brads flat with a hammer... this was FUN.

Pretty in Pink...

I made a 12X 12 layout for the new site The Color Room... you should check it out!
They post a color 'palette' you work from/with.
lol... 'course they started with PINK.
HELLO... 4 boyz here.
So this was a challenge (for me)... adding the fact that about 98% of my supplies/tools are packed already for my trip... but I got 'er done.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Last post today... PROMISE!!!

lol... sorry for the Blog over-load.
I'm trying to cram in all my Challenge sh-tuff early on so I can finish packing up my supplies for my Weekend Long Scrapbook Trip.

I'm going with a bunch of Scrappin' Gal Pals to a retreat center an hour away from us in Cornwall, called Nav-Can. We all get a ROOM TO OURSELVES, they are converted dorms, it used to be a training center for military pilots. All the meals... are included, it's 'come when it's served' cafeteria style. Plus we're all sharing a HUGE meeting room, a table and 1/2 each to spread our cr@p out & crop! Chatter (umm... maaaaybe booze), laughter, stories and stress-free creating time to be had by all.
No kids.
No significant others.
No dishes.
No cleaning.
No responsibilities.
There are also 2 big scrappin' stores near there. Including one on the Indian Reserve so you only have to pay 1 tax. woot!

I. Can't. Wait.
So anywho... :O)
These are 2 Art Journal pages for Heart the Art
#14 Amazed

#15 Searching for...