Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice in Mixed-Media Wonderland Collage.

I had fun with this...
It's not for any of my challenges, assignments, gifts etc.
Just. For. Me.
I've always loooved the story of Alice in Wonderland and the recent surge in Alice inspired Eye-Candy had me inspired, I just had to make something.

The frame is another Free-Cycle rescue. Painted in sparkly metallic red then dry brushed in matte black. The Matte (came with the frame) was painted in Tea-Stain colored wash then sponged in the matte black mixed with Pearl White Lumiere for some sparkle, then a wash of the sparkly metallic red on the inside edge.
I started the inside with a few pages ripped out of one of my 'cutter' books, about Butterfly Gardens. I laid out a whole garden map as a base adding some cut out pictures on either side. I also added some playing cards around the edges...
Then I went to town!
I layered on flowers, buttons, watch bits, cogs, Christmas decorations, lace, a key, glass bottle (filled with color tinted gesso), moss, sh-tuff & more sh-tuff...
I made sure to get the the key, the 'drink-me' bottle, the hatter, the twins, the rabbit, the cat, playing cards, white roses and many, many hearts in there.
Kinda like an i Spy picture. ;O)

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