Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St.Patty's!

I have enough Irish blood mixed in with my Scottish to appreciate ANY good occasion that may involve food, drink & merriment. I haven't had a chance to 'craft' anything today but didn't want to let the holiday slip by either...
On FaceBook I'm part of group called ~Artist 365~,
the idea being to do a little something to 'feed' your Muse each day in 2010.

Today I took pictures for this weeks theme: GREEN.

This is one of the static window clings on our front door:

I collect pretty glass bottles and put them in my kitchen window (LOTS of sun) filled with colored water... this is my Green one (purple & blue too):

I baked Leprechaun (mini-mini) cupcakes today.
8 dozen... 1 box of French Vanilla Cake mix (I'm the the QUEEN of short cuts!) flavored with creme de menthe and tinted with green food coloring.
Topped with pipped Cream Cheese icing (premade) whipped with more creme de menthe, food coloring and green sugar.
Then sprinkled with more green sugar.

The icing is a bit of a mess on most of them, my medical condition can cause shaky and/or stiff hands... but I'm sure they'll still taste good!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
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