Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coffee Snob X4... me!

Finished up this 12 X 12 layout for Bad Girls today... started it a few days ago but had to wait for the 'fleurs' to dry and 10 minutes of 'ME' time in the middle of March Break. Got it just after be got back from taking the boyz to see Alice. They are all busy working away in their own Art Books on images from the movie. yup! They're mine! ;O)

Yes, I admit I'm a coffee snob X4.
for Me...
Rx for hyperurcemia:
-take purinol
-drink 3 liters of H2O daily
-NO tea
-avoid meat and yeast
-drink 4 (four) cups of coffee each day
That much coffee a day would make anyone picky about their Brand!

These are Coffee Filter Flowers: from Julie-Ann's video.
The idea for the coffee page: finnabair's Tea prompt.
The 'buttons' were actually red ones, painted over white with Starbucks stickers on them. (funny they like me at our local outlet... I can get little extras. If I ask nice!)

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